Amber Rose slams commenters who called her 3-year-old son 'gay'

Amber Rose and her son
Amber Rose and her son

Amber Rose isn’t afraid of speaking her mind — especially when it comes to Internet trolls attacking her son.

Earlier this week, Rose posted an adorable photo of her three-year-old, Sebastian, pretending to be a “spooky zombie” while wearing one of his mom’s wigs.

But while the photo was seemingly innocuous, it wasn’t long before commenters started calling Sebastian “gay.”

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And while Rose’s fans shot back at the commenters, explaining that playing dress up really has nothing to do with sexuality (and that being gay isn’t a crime), Rose took things into her own hands in the form of a scathing Snapchat video.

“So I posted a video of Sebastian playing with my wig earlier, and all the comments are saying that my son is gay. He’s three,” she said. “So everyone that’s commenting, do me a favour. Go put a wig on your boyfriend or dad and see if they turn gay and then let me know.”

“Oh, they didn’t turn gay? Wow, I’m so confused,” she followed up moments later. “I could have swore you just said wigs made men gay.”

Then, in true Amber Rose fashion, she took it up a notch, and really started blasting the commenters.

“How about all you ignorant f—- read a book and realize your sexual orientation has nothing to do with the way you dress,” she said.

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“Did they turn gay yet? Is your dad gay yet? Is your kid gay yet? Is your boyfriend gay yet? You better hurry up and take the wig off, they’ll turn gay! Hurry up!”

“I don’t understand how people are so motherf—— dumb. Like, educate yourselves before you write a goddamn f—– comment.”

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