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American dancer reveals what a day-in-the-life at Le Moulin Rouge in Paris is like

Ever wondered what it would be like to pack up your things and move to Paris? One American expat has done just that, giving TikTokers an inside view of her daily routine.

Allie Goodbun (@alliegoodbun) works as a professional dancer at Le Moulin Rouge, Paris’ infamous cabaret hall. In one recent video, she takes viewers behind the scenes of a typical Saturday night.

At a time when most people may be winding down for the night, Goodbun is just getting started.

“It’s a big night,” she says in the clip, explaining that weekends are especially busy and this particular night she’s on cancan. “It’s gonna be a workout,” she admits.

To be fair, the job is always a workout, since dancers perform two back-to-back shows per night — but on Saturdays, the first doesn’t even start until 9 p.m.

According to Goodbun, even the moments between her dance routines are tiring since the dressing room is on a different floor from the stage. This means that dancers must run up a full flight of stairs for outfit changes and then back down to return to the stage.

“In the show, we have 10 changes per show, two shows a night, that’s 20 changes,” Goodbun says. “That means 20 flights of stairs times two because we go up and down, that’s 40 flights of stairs per night at work — on top of the show.”

(Feeling exhausted yet?)

Goodbun’s vlog has since gone viral, with more than 5.5 million views and counting. And judging by the comments, TikTokers are absolutely fascinated with every minute of it.

“waaaaaait WHAT! This is SO interesting. moooore please!” wrote one user.

“I love these videos!!” added someone else. “It seems like a dream!!”

Others couldn’t help but crack a few Moulin Rouge jokes.

“Ok but where is Ewan McGregor,” one person wrote.

“Is it like being in the movie?” another asked.

But plenty of TikTokers vouched for the show, saying they’d seen it in person and it is worth every penny.

“Been to Moulin twice and it’s everything and more,” one person shared. “Not cheesy or touristy – if you’re going to Paris you MUST see the show here.”

“Let me tell you, I saw moulin rouge back in 2018 and it was actually incredible,” another person added. “Y’all are amazing.”

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