Anderson Cooper grew a beard and Twitter can't even

Conan O’Brien joined Anderson Cooper on Monday night to promote his upcoming Conan Without Borders special, Conan in Greenland, a response to President Trump’s recent interest in purchasing the country from the Danish government. But, their discussion was quickly sidetracked by Anderson’s new facial hair. In an attempt to share a Greenland experience of his own, the typically clean-shaven Cooper asked Conan if he used a “shigloo” bathroom during his travels throughout the Danish country. Conan jokingly responded, “Are you okay, Anderson? Is it the beard? What’s going on with you? Are you having a breakdown of some kind? Conan continued to tease the CNN anchor about his beard. “You look like a very tidy wizard, joked Conan, adding, “It looks like you briefly dipped your chin into a sugar bowl.” Anderson credited his recent nine-day vacation for the beard growth while citing fellow CNN anchor, Wolf Blitzer for the inspiration. “I call it the Blitzer beard challenge,” said Cooper. Meanwhile, on Twitter, viewers had a field day responding to the Silver Fox's new look. Unfortunately for Anderson, some of those viewers weren’t as receptive as Conan.

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