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My tootsies are always toasty, thanks to this little space heater — and it's just $20

I don't know about you, but from October to April I am always cold. From the tip of my nose down to my toes, the temperature is too far south of warm for me to be comfortable. I know what you're thinking: "Turn up the heat! Put on a sweater!" I've tried those things, but my $20 solution is this itty-bitty space heater from Amazon and it's my constant companion when the temps dip below 60°F.

Measuring just 6.2 x 4.74 x 8.3 inches, this ceramic wonder blasts enough heat to warm up a room in just four minutes. 

$20 at Amazon

Like most people, I want to save money on heating my home — I try not to turn on the heat until I really have to. I got the Andily Space Heater so I could turn my home office into a cozy cocoon without heating up the other three rooms in the house that I wasn't using. I also wanted something that could give me concentrated heat on my feet — I have low blood pressure and it's next to impossible to warm them without an external heating element. This little ball of fire does everything I need it to do and more.

About the size of a yoga block (6.2 x 4.74 x 8.3 inches), it sits under my desk so my feet can get as much heat as they need. There are times when it gets a little warm, but the dial to turn it on is sensitive enough that I can operate it with my toes. I knock it over sometimes, but it has a tip-over switch so it automatically shuts off when it topples. I do have to bend over to change the wattage from 750 to 1500 or to the fan function, but I don't do that often because the 750 watts is just right for me.

What I like most about this space heater is that it provides instant heat. It takes about three minutes to get my 10 x 12-foot office up to tropical temperatures in the winter. It's a ceramic heater so it is electric which means it's a clean source of heat — no fuel is needed to run it and create smoke and toxic gas. The durable plastic exterior stays cool to the touch and it's very lightweight so I can take it from room to room with no problem.

space heater
I no longer dread winter with my constant companion. (Amazon)

The Andily Space Heater is definitely on my top ten list of things I've bought on Amazon — I use it almost every day in the winter — and it's also impressed nearly 26,000 shoppers who have given it a perfect five-star rating.

"Our furnace went out and we were not going to be able to get the replacement part for two days so I bought two of these," shared one cozy shopper. "We shut all the doors to the smaller rooms and the two units were able to keep 3 large rooms 25 degrees warmer than outside."

"I use my heater at work," a grateful shopper wrote. "I’m in the medical field and it’s always cold.. fits perfectly under my desk."

"Got it for my bathroom," another five-star fan shared. "Works GREAT as a small source of heat to replace the old in-ceiling heater (I changed the light-heat-vent to a light-vent and wanted heat on cold days). Small enough to leave out OR store under the sink easily. Gets hot fast and runs quietly. Great little heater."

Choose from 750 or 1500 watts in the winter, or opt for the fan function in the summer. 

$20 at Amazon

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