Andrew Scott’s audio erotica series has fans feeling things: ‘I could take off into space’

Andrew Scott in All of Us Strangers
Andrew Scott in All of Us Strangers (Image: Searchlight Pictures)

Fans of Andrew Scott have been feeling a little hot under the (dog) collar of late after his audio erotica series debuted.

In The Queen’s Guard Scott, 47, plays Robb the Protector, the guard of a “cruel tyrant queen.” As a resistance movement led by Mira develops, Rob must tackle his history and feelings towards Mira. At the same time, he must weigh that with his loyalty to the throne. It just so happens the audience takes on the role of Mira.

The series debuted on Quinn, an app specialising in audio erotica, on Thursday (16 May). Even before then, the teasers Quinn released, which slowly revealed Scott’s inclusion, got fans in a tizzy. One fan wrote in the comment section of one teaser: “Gnawing at the bars of my enclosure.”

After the series debuted, the reactions got even more intense. “Listening to that quinn audio with Andrew Scott and I genuinely feel like I could take off into space rn,” wrote one listener. Meanwhile, another typed: “I [redacted] [redacted] to Andrew Scott on Quinn because I want him to [redacted] me to [redacted] till I [redacted] he can [redacted] anywhere.”

Another eager fan told Quinn: “Thank you VERY much in advance for all the pleasure it’s going to give and bring me”. One fan posted how the series would keep them… entertained during a flight to Miami. “Seated for my flight to Miami and I just got a week free trial for Quinn and my ears are ready for some Andrew Scott narrated smut.”

The Queen’s Guard is Scott’s second audio production to be released recently. He recently starred in an audio adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 alongside Andrew Garfield. Fans also took great pleasure in hearing Scott torture Garfield. We can’t imagine what it about that combination got people excited…

Scott’s fanbase has grown particularly keen ever since his turn as the ‘Hot Priest’ in Fleabag. Memorably, he told Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character to “kneel” as well as generally being hot.

The Queen’s Guard is available now.

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