Angela Price says she's 'breaking free from the chains of' diet culture: 'It took me 28 years'

The wife of Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price urged her fans to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Angela Price is urging her fans to think about their health over toxic diet culture. (Photo via @byangelaprice on Instagram)
Angela Price is urging her fans to think about their health over toxic diet culture. (Photo via @byangelaprice on Instagram)

Angela Price is encouraging people to focus on their health.

Kicking off 2024, the wife of Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price took to Instagram earlier this week to share a powerful message about choosing health over toxic diet culture. Her post featured a text image, stating, "Instead of discussing diets, let's inspire young minds by sharing and demonstrating the countless rewards of embracing a healthy lifestyle."

In her caption, the mom-of-three reflected on her own struggles, and talked about previously viewing food as an enemy instead of nourishment — as well as challenging societal norms around diets and calorie counting.

"It took me 28 years to discover the transformative power of prioritizing my health over fixating on a number on the scale," she admitted.

Price recounted her past struggles, which included having a difficult relationship with food and tying self-worth to her weight. She wrote, "I found myself grappling with a distorted perception of food. I saw it as the enemy, rather than an invaluable source of nourishment that could fuel my body and uplift my overall well-being.

"I became entrapped in the allure of that elusive number on the scale, constantly weighing myself and succumbing to the promises of quick-fix diet plans."

Price revealed she used to believe spending "hours on a treadmill" and eating "pre-packaged 'healthy' meals" would lead her to "true happiness."

Now, Price says she is "breaking free from the chains of this harmful mindset" for the sake of protecting her children.

"As I navigate through life as a mother to precious little girls, I so badly want to shield them from the same pitfalls I encountered," she penned. "I am determined to spare them from spending decades consumed by the torment of diet obsession and the relentless pursuit of an arbitrary number on the scale."

Price concluded her powerful message by calling on her followers "to exercise utmost mindfulness in the way you speak about food, weight and dieting" around young people.

In the comments, fans applauded Price's important reminder.

"I can't thank you enough for bringing more awareness to the damage of dieting and the classic diet culture paradigm that being thin equates to health," an Instagram user wrote.

Another added: "So well said, Ang! It's all about a healthy lifestyle and teaching our kids all about it."

"Love this, mama! Could not agree more," someone chimed in.

"Cannot agree with this more," a fan echoed.

"This is such a great message. Thank you for using your platform to have this conversation," commented another.

Price is no stranger to sharing candid posts with her Instagram followers, showing her commitment to prioritizing her family. In October, she shared her family's new Canadian Thanksgiving tradition.

Alongside an outdoor photo of herself, her husband, daughters Liv and Millie as well as son Lincoln, Price announced their "new tradition of camping for the holiday weekend," noting they "ended up having the best Thanksgiving."

"Could you imagine camping and your neighbour is Carey Price!" someone commented, while sending love from New Brunswick.

"Couldn't love this more for y'all," another shared.

"Those are great memories. I did the same when mine were little — they loved," a fan raved. "Hope the family is well."

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