Angelina Jolie goes blonde just in time for spring

angelina jolie in a black coat
Angelina Jolie goes blondeBACKGRID

Angelina Jolie has refreshed her hair just in time for spring.

The Hollywood star debuted noticeably lighter locks, as she left her Atelier Jolie flagship store in New York City. Her signature dark brown tresses had been replaced with wispy blonde shoulder-length layers, styled as a loose blowout with a slight honeyed undertone.

While Jolie is possibly one of the most famous brunettes in Hollywood, she has slowly been taking the blonder route for quite some time now, as we've seen with her street-style sightings in early January and late December. Since then, she has clearly decided to take the fair-headed plunge.

angelina jolie in a black coat

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Jolie go full-blonde. She previously dyed her hair for her Oscar-winning performance in 1999’s Girl, Interrupted and, more recently, wore a platinum-blonde wig for 2021 Marvel movie Eternals.

angelina jolie
Gotham - Getty Images

2023 was an exciting year for the Academy Award–winning actor and director, as she launched Atelier Jolie. The star previously explained to Bazaar: "There is so much happening that divides us, and it’s essential that we create and share time together."

She continued: "One aspect of today’s world is the push to be like others and follow trends. It doesn’t lead to the place where one feels most alive. Discovery and mistakes are essential for creativity. The once-young punk in me wanted to push against what was normal and paint the walls with the people I love. I hope others do, too.”

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