Anne Hathaway looks unrecognisable with androgynous pixie hair

anne hathaway challenges gender binaries through beauty and fashion
We're in awe of Anne Hathaway's pixie cropMichael Buckner - Getty Images

Just when we thought we couldn't admire Anne Hathaway any more, she's only gone and displayed images of gender non-conformity through the art of beauty – and more specifically, hair. In other words, she is mother... and father.

In the recently debuted summer 2024 issue of V Magazine, Anne donned the cover with a striking new look. Along with a traditionally masculine outfit that features a broad-shouldered shirt and coordinating suit pants, the actor is seen to be rocking a dramatically short haircut – so much so that it verges on a short back and sides crop.

The publication shared a series of the shoot images on Instagram along with a video reel.

Hairstylist Ward Stegerhoek was the professional behind this 'do, creating the look of shorter locks through the art of clever styling techniques (spoiler: Anne hasn't actually cut her hair; it's all an illusion!). And not only that but partnering up with Ward and completing the glam squad came makeup artist Raoul Alejandre. Channeling more fluidity, Raoul opted for a minimal, clean look, focussing on the skin complexion rather than a dramatic eye and lip. A natural no-makeup makeup look, if you will.

"I mentioned how much I love menswear and how I am drawn to the visual language of masculine/feminine. And the shoot sort of grew out from there," Anne reveals in the interview of the issue.

Iconic, truly.

And proving just how iconic these pictures really are, friends, fans and followers of the star took to the comments section to share their thoughts. Read a select few of our favourites below:

"normally i'd say MOTHER but this is serving FATHER i love it here you look amazing"


"mother is fathering."

"My man, My man, My MANNN 😍"


"MOMMY??????? SORRY???"



Now, as much as we're all for celebrities championing experimentation and challenging stereotypes, there's always more to be done when it comes to real-life non-binary and androgynous representation. Alas, there's no denying that this cover story is one for the books and certainly a step in the right direction, creating conversations on this visibility.

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