Another Apple VR Side Effect: Black Eyes

Beat Em Up

Apple made a big splash with its wildly expensive Apple Vision Pro virtual reality headset earlier this year.

Despite its eye-watering pricetag of $3,500, the device impressed reviewers with stunning clarity and highly accurate hand and head tracking.

But over time, the seams are starting to show. Thanks to the device's considerable heft — it weighs as much as a 12.9-inch iPad Pro — and a less-than-stellar fit for many, the headset is giving some users literal black eyes, MarketWatch reports.

"I wasn’t able to use it very much the first few weeks because the fit was just off," Hopscotch Interactive chief media officer Emily Olman told the business news website.

She had "like, super dark black eyes" after wearing the device, which "clearly [placed] too much weight on my cheeks."

Pain in the Neck

Other users corroborated the awkward fit. Consulting firm Signal and Cipter CEO Ian Beacraft told MarketWatch that he felt a soreness at the base of his skull and upper back after using it for just two hours.

Other users fared a little better.

"I could wear the 1.3-pound Vision Pro for four or five hours before my neck needed a break, but I had to adjust the fit often," Washington Post tech reporter Chris Velazco wrote, after wearing the device for two weeks.

Meanwhile, Apple recommends taking the headset off every 20 to 30 minutes.

Other users have reported getting headaches and even a burst blood vessel in an eye in one instance.

Apart from literal pain, reviewers have pointed out a number of other downsides to the first-generation device, including a passthrough camera that translates everything the wearer sees with blurry results, and a lackluster app ecosystem.

In short, the Apple Vision Pro is a technological marvel — but certainly not an ergonomic one.

But chances are that Apple engineers are already hard at work trying to slim down the next iteration, which isn't expected to come out for at least a year and a half.

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