Apparently, You Can Buy A Big Box Of Costco Bagels For Only $30

Box of plain bagels
Box of plain bagels - olhovyi_photographer/Shutterstock

For better or for worse, Costco is the land of bulk goods. Industrial-size tubs of mac and cheese? Costco has 'em. Olive oil in 208-liter barrels? Costco has those, too. Enough bagels to feed a small army? Yup, you guessed it: Costco has you covered.

Sure, you could pay about $10 for a 12-count bag of Costco bagels, but you could also pay just a little bit more for a box of 78 bagels. The bulk bagels come in plain, sesame, everything seasoning, blueberry, cinnamon, and cheese varieties, ranging in price from $20 to $35 per box.

As frequent Costco shoppers might be thinking, these bulk bagel boxes (say that 10 times fast) aren't just sitting out on the store's shelves. Rather, the warehouse store keeps them tucked away in a freezer in the bakery department. All you have to do is ask an employee for a case of them, which comes with smaller bags to separate out the 78 bagels for easier storage.

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Stipulations To Purchasing Costco's Bagels In Bulk

Bags of Costco bagels
Bags of Costco bagels - The Image Party/Shutterstock

While the frozen bulk bagels are undoubtedly a Costco bakery secret you'll wish you'd known sooner, there's a reason they aren't widely publicized at the store. Not all Costco locations will allow you to buy cases of its bagels, and the chain doesn't even list this as an option on its website. It's a bit similar to Costco's cookie dough secret, where you can purchase large quantities upon request at some locations.

Even if you do manage to get your hands on that 78-count box from Costco, you face the challenge of finding the best way to store your bagels. Seriously, who has room for that many bagels in their freezer? As great a deal as 78 bagels for $30 sounds, realistically, it's not ideal for home use. Very few of us have the freezer space necessary, let alone the courage to eat 78 of those doughy rings. On the other hand, if you want to get snacks for a party, a meeting, or a school event and don't need to store the bagels long-term, this hack is super budget-friendly.

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