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'As good as Waterpik': Amazon shoppers love this water flosser for that squeaky-clean feeling, and it's down to $30

Get dentist-level cleaning from the comfort of your home for an unreal 40% off.

You know when you leave the dentist's office post-cleaning and feel shinier, lighter and as dazzling as a diamond? Yeah, it's great! Well, if you're looking to chase that feeling at home, you can't do better than this top-selling Nicwell water flosser — and now it's on sale for just $30 (down from $50). This will keep your teeth and gums looking great, and help save you a bundle in dental work down the road.

We're not just stringing you along: More than 28,000 shoppers have put down their old floss and given this new one a five-star review. 

$30 at Amazon

Good oral care is important, but you can't go to the dentist every day for a clean and fresh smile. High-quality, at-home water flossers tend to be on the pricier side, including this one! Luckily, you can score $20 in savings right now and have a winning smile. Both the black Nicwell flosser and the white version are $30, down from $50. Neither deal will last long, so grab this high-quality water flosser on sale while you can.

If you're not familiar with water flossers, here's a quick rundown: They spray a steady stream of water at your teeth and gums to remove food, filmy buildup and stains. Nicwell's delivers between 30 and 110 PSI of pressure, removing up to 99.99% of the gunk lurking on and between your teeth.

The Nicwell's 200 ml reservoir means you can floss for 50 seconds, enough time to reach all those nooks and crannies. Flip between three different modes: Clean, which delivers 1,800 water pulses a minute to get small particles between your choppers; Soft, which gives off 1,400 water pulses a minute for sensitive teeth; and Massage, which delivers between 1,400 and 1,800 pulses per minute for deep cleaning and gum stimulation.

The unit is cordless and lightweight, and it features standard jet tips, a tongue-scraping tip and an orthodontic tip to give you plenty of cleaning variety. It has plenty of power too: You can use this handy tool for 21 days before it needs a recharge.

Three waterpicks on a blue background
"Do I really need one of these?" you might be asking. Well, get back to us after you've had to endure the exquisite torture of gum scaling. (Amazon)

This water flosser has an army of fans, with many swearing it's every bit as effective as That Other Brand.

"As good as Waterpik! I bought my husband a Waterpik and this one for myself and both are great! In fact, I think the water reservoir lasts longer in this one," said a happy customer. "It comes with many heads and is good quality."

"Say goodbye to dental flosses," said a fellow fan. "It comes with more nozzles than I need. Very light and portable. Great for traveling. A single fill of water is enough to clean my teeth. The water jet is very strong; only took a few minutes to have my teeth spotless."

"I bought this after I fractured my jaw and had it wired shut. I cannot brush the bottom or inner surfaces of my teeth and I was concerned," explained a final five-star reviewer. "It doesn't do anything for the tarter build up on the parts of my teeth it cannot reach but I am still pleased for what it can do right now. I plan to continue to use it once my jaw is no longer wired shut."

Some shoppers felt that the flosser could use a little more longevity. "When I first got this it worked great!" said one. "However, a couple days ago, it just shut off randomly. Even after charging it overnight it still wouldn't turn on. As nice as it was to use I don't think it was really worth the money if it only ended up lasting five months."

"I liked that it worked great for a year," revealed another. "But even with vigilant battery care (ensuring it remained between 20%-80% charge as much as possible), it wouldn't hold a charge anymore after a year of use."

Want a flosser in white? This version offers all the same great perks as the sleek black model, including four modes and five different tips. 

$30 at Amazon

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