Audrey Roloff gets real about postpartum lactation in Instagram post

Audrey Roloff is letting fans in on postpartum life.

On Monday, the "Little People, Big World" star shared a video with her more than 1.5 million Instagram followers, revealing an ongoing thing that has been happening since giving birth to her now 8-month-old son, Radley.

In the video, the 30-year-old candidly unveils footage showing off lactation stains on her shirt from breastfeeding, with text that reads, "I have an 8-month-old baby, but this still happens every time I nurse him."

"Shouldn’t this stop after the first few months?! I’m 8 months into nursing my third baby and yet, here we are," she captioned the post. "This happens every time I nurse without pads. In the last pic, I was sitting when that happened. My boobs aren’t that low… yet. It’s especially cute when I forget the nursing pads for date night. Any other mamas relate?! #nursing #breastfeeding #breastfeedingmom #motherhood #momlife."

Roloff's video was met with applause for "normalizing the breastfeeding struggle," and comments from other moms who found her post "highly relatable."

"Does it ever stop doing that? #nursingpadsforlife," one Instagram user joked, while another added, "Girl, I’m going on 18 months and it still happens almost every single time."

"Every morning!" someone else shared, with a laughing emoji.

One fan penned: "Yup! Happens to me every time! I literally live in nursing pads."

"I was a total milk factory, just like that!" commented another.

"Girl you aren’t alone… this was me for a really long time with each kid too," someone else added.

"This is highly relatable," another wrote. "Thank you for normalizing the breastfeeding struggle. People need to learn!"

This isn't the first time Roloff has gotten real with her followers about her postpartum journey.

This past November, she shared several intimate photos to her Instagram story, including a snap of her baby bump taken just one hour after giving birth to her son. Her and her husband, Jeremy, opted for an at-home water birth.

"The one-hour postpartum mirror selfie," she wrote. "God made our bodies to do miraculous things like bringing life into the world."

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