Australian comedian exposes just how ‘real’ celebrity Instagram pictures are

You’ve seen the pictures. Attractive model coyly eating French fries or reality star making mundane activities such as going for your monthly hair bleach look glamourous. These are the inspirations for Australian comedian, Celeste Barber’s stream of hilarious Instagram posts. Using side-by-side comparisons, Barber recreates the celebrity post to expose just how ridiculous these “normal” activities would seem if someone who wasn’t famous posted them. 

“People are so obsessed with celebrities and celebrities seem to be so obsessed with portraying everyday people,” Barber said in an interview with the ABC. "I thought, right, if this is what everyone does — challenge accepted.“

The Kardashian/Jenner clan are an obvious target for this kind of Internet fodder – Kim and Kylie make regular appearances on what Barber refers to as the #celestechallengeaccepted series – but models like Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr are also featured on the regular. 

Check out our gallery above to see some of the best spoofs so far.

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