The Autumnal Ingredient Taylor Swift Adds To Chocolate Chip Cookies

Taylor Swift posing at an event
Taylor Swift posing at an event - DFree/Shutterstock

Taylor Swift is notorious for leaving Easter eggs in her song lyrics, social media posts, and music videos, which fans eagerly sift through and analyze. However, Swifties hardly have to search for hints about the singer's love of fall. In 2014, the pop star famously shared a lengthy list of things she adores about the season on Tumblr, noting that, among other things, she loved "not caring when people make fun of pumpkin stuff cause you LOVE IT and are happy it's all the rage." Unsurprisingly, Swift expresses her penchant for pumpkin by swapping out her go-to Starbucks order for a few pumpkin spice lattes throughout the leaf-peeping season, but that's not all. The Grammy winner is known to incorporate the autumnal ingredient into her baking, too.

After being named one of NBC's "People of the Year" in 2009, the "Reputation" singer showed up to an interview with former "Today Show" host Matt Lauer with a platter of homemade pumpkin cookies topped with cream cheese icing (which — spoiler alert — he loved). Swift pulled a similar move in 2023, arriving at her Time "Person of the Year" photo shoot with a homemade pumpkin loaf, and then there's her pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Arguably her most famous fall-inspired baked good, the musician follows a Food Network star's recipe. However, in classic Taylor Swift fashion, she puts a twist on the treats to make them her own.

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (Taylor's Version)

A bowl of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
A bowl of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies - Edalin Photography/Shutterstock

While most of us probably won't ever be able to put on a show like Miss Taylor Alison Swift, we can bake a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies just like the star. After showing off her autumnal sweet treats in a since-deleted Instagram post, one Swiftie took to Tumblr to ask the global phenom about the recipe she follows for the fall-inspired baked good. And because Swift knows that bakers wanna bake bake bake bake bake, she happily shared the answer with her fans.

"I use different ones, but this one is pretty solid," she answered, posting this link to Food Network star George Duran's pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. "Except I don't use milk chocolate chips; I use semi-sweet or dark chocolate chocolate bars that I chopped up into different-sized chocolate chunks," she revealed.

The pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (Taylor's Version) have been a big hit with fans, but what if you aren't quite as excited about pumpkin as the pop princess? If you still want to bake like Swift, try her chai sugar cookies or her favorite chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies from Chef Anne Burrell.

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