Avocado Is The Key Ingredient For The Creamiest Chicken Salad Sandwich

avocado chicken salad sandwiches
avocado chicken salad sandwiches - Debbismirnoff/Getty Images

Chicken salad tastes best at its creamiest, when a base of mayonnaise does its job and brings the whole meal together. For ultra-creamy chicken salad, however, you don't need to rely on mayo alone for texture. Rather, one additional, naturally-creamy ingredient is a surefire way to improve both the consistency and flavor of your next chicken salad sandwich. That ingredient is avocado, which when mashed, it can replace mayonnaise altogether.

Avocado works well in chicken salad sandwiches because of its fat content. To make this switch happen, mashed avocado is your best bet. You can also blend slices of avocado so it gets even creamier. However you prepare it, it will add improved texture and dimension to your recipe. It also tastes great, bringing all the more flavor to an otherwise standard affair.

So, the next time you crave a chicken salad sandwich, follow Tasting Table's recipe for an avocado version. The recipe is easy to follow ... though you don't have to stop with just avocado. Rather, you can pair even more ingredients with your salad. All of which are as good as the rest.

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Use Avocado In Various Chicken Salad Sandwiches For Added Creaminess.

Chicken salad sandwich on plate
Chicken salad sandwich on plate - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Avocado improves chicken salad in lieu of, or in addition to mayonnaise, so it's versatile in both usage and taste. As such, you can use the fruit across different chicken salad recipes. Incorporate it as a secret weapon that improves texture by offering a creaminess that balances with the crunch of additional ingredients.

For instance, you can add avocado to a straightforward chicken salad sandwich as easily as you can an apple pecan chicken salad. That variation pairs the fruit's trademark creaminess with the crispness of fresh apples and pecans, making for a textural delight. As for the flavors? The trio of apples, pecans, and avocados complement each other, so it's bound to taste delicious. If you're not crazy about apples, try swapping them out in favor of cranberries — but hold on to the avocado. While your sandwich changes in flavors, the texture will always be smooth and creamy. The same rule applies to other sandwich varieties, whether it's a chicken salad with grapes or a variation made with lettuce.

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