Avril Lavigne Dishes Her Beauty Secrets

While 27-year-old rocker Avril Lavigne is typically known for her pipes and punky style, she's foraying into nail polish design. This April, she will debut a 12-piece collection of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Polish Strips ($9.99 each) featuring animal prints, polka dots, glitter, and more. We sat down with our music crush to chat about manicures, how she creates her signature smoky eyes, and her secrets to getting awesome bed head.

Real Beauty: Tell us about your new nail polish strips.

Avril Lavigne: I love to have good nails at all times, especially because I'm on the red carpet often. I can apply these polish strips in the car, airplane, or studio. They are awesome because it takes me five to seven minutes to apply them, there's no drying time, and they last for up to ten days. Just take them off with nail polish remover.

RB: What influenced your designs?

AL: My personal style and all of my favorite colors. I love skulls! I love pink! I love black! And I love sparkles!

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RB: Does music play a role in them?

AL: The names are music related. My favorites strips are the leopard and star styles. I just think they're really pretty.

RB: What three beauty products could you not live without?

AL: All I need is black eyeliner and lip moisturizer, like Rosebud Perfume Co. Salve. I also use Proactiv for my skin.

RB: How do you create your signature smoky eyes?

AL: I guess I just put too much on. That's sort of my goal. I don't like a little bit, I like a lot! I like to be super messy when I apply it, and I bring it really low under my eye. Then, I take a wipe and smear it. Just go nuts-don't hold back!

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RB: What about your hair routine?

AL: I have dry, thick hair that I wash every three days. It's also healthier to not wash it every day. I like to have messy hair, so my new thing is to use a lot of hairspray on clean hair. That's how to get bed head.

RB: Do you have naturally straight hair?

AL: I have kind of wavy hair. When I was little, I had ringlets, and it was blonde! Now it's like dirty blonde.

RB: Are there any makeup or hair trends you're itching to try?

AL: I like to have fun with colors. I usually wear green, pink, or blue streaks in my hair. I've always wanted to dye my hair black, but I'm afraid to do it!

RB: Why?!

AL: Because if I wanted to go back to blonde, it would take forever.

RB: How do you usually add pops of color to your hair?

AL: My new thing is to do the tips or pieces in the front. I like to do it myself. I like cutting and dying hair. I used to cut my friends hair and do their makeup when I was in school. That's why the nail polish strips are awesome; I always like to introduce my friends and family to these types of products.

RB: Do you give your friends manicures?

AL: All of the time-my step-mom, my mom, and my sisters. It's a lot of fun. I'm often around guys, so I'll be in the studio doing my nails, and they totally don't care. But once I show them what I did, they think it's so crazy and cool.

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RB: Do you ever get the guys to wear them?

AL: When I have left over ones, I try to convince them to let me put one on their pinkies or thumbs. Sometimes they let me.

RB: How has your style evolved over time?

AL: I guess I'm older now. It's been ten years since my first record came out. Back then, I was like kinda sporty and tomboyish in baggy pants. Now I wear dresses and heels, as before I wouldn't. I like to have fun, be causal, and keep it funky, rock 'n' roll.

RB: Maybe the nails are part of that transition? I bet you never thought you'd be designing sparkly nail polish!

AL: But they're cool. These designs are rock 'n' roll to me with all of the stars, skulls, studs, and plaids.

RB: What does Real Beauty mean to you?

AL: Obviously 'real beauty' comes from within. It's somebody's heart, soul, and personality, rather than looks. Because looks fade!

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