Ayo Edebiri's Long-Standing Irish Joke Lives On During Saturday Night Live!

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Ayo Edebiri and the country of Ireland have become synonymous for the deeply online. And while hosting Saturday Nigth Live this weekend, Edebiri seemingly leaned into her not-real Irish heritage by wearing a t-shirt with a four-leaf clover on it. So where did this long-standing Irish joke come from?

The comedian and actor is sticking to a bit that emerged during a red-carpet interview from last March while promoting her movie Bottoms. Speaking with Letterboxd — a social platform where users can rate and review movies — Edebiri joked that she starred in the Oscar-nominated film, The Banshees of Inisherin, playing Jenny the donkey. In the quick interview, Edebiri goes fully into her (very impressive) Irish accent as she riffs about preparing for the role.

“I lived in Ireland for about four months and I got really in character,” Edebiri said. “And I was on all fours for four months and it was really painful but beautiful as well. And it was probably the most fulfilling part of my career.”

She continued: “I'm so happy for everybody going to the Oscars, even though I deserved the nomination more than anybody else because I was, obviously, a donkey for four months.”

While the internet clip went viral, the ongoing joke has regularly been shared by fans and by Edebiri herself, who proves she's always committed to the bit. Almost a year later, Edebiri has firmly solidified herself as Irish. During this year's award season, Edebiri made several callbacks to Ireland on multiple occasions, including during her acceptance speech for best actress at the Critics Choice Awards.

“I want to thank my real family, I don’t know if they have CW abroad. To everybody in Boston, Barbados, Nigeria, Ireland in many ways,” Edebiri said. “Thank you so much.”

Ahead of taking home her first Emmy for best supporting actress in a comedy for The Bear, Edebiri gave an interview with Entertainment Tonight where she shouted out Ireland once again.

“Shout out to my people! Shout out to Derry, shout out to Cork. Shout out to Killarney, shout out to Dublin!” she said.

Endless memes have emerged online since Edebiri's commitment to Ireland, including several posts showing some of the best Irish actors right now, including the comedian.

Ireland has also embraced the joke, with several Irish accounts publicly accepting Edebiri as their own — including the account Film In Dublin. The Irish Times also wrote an entire article about why they're proud to accept Edebiri as Irish

And with Ayo Edebiri's SNL hosting debut on February 3, it's safe to say the joke is living on. Never change Ayo.

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