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'I haven't seen my lashes since I was in my 20s': Fans say this $29 serum adds length and fullness

Say hello to long, voluminous lashes!

Longing for lashes? Some of us were born with lackluster eyelashes, and some of us are watching as they become sparser and slimmer as we age. Thinning lashes and brows — along with thinning hair overall — can naturally result from aging or indicate health issues or nutritional deficiencies. And some turnover is just plain normal: The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that most of us lose up to five eyelashes a day (and it's not like they grow back right away).

There are ways to combat lower lash volume, and one of those solutions might be a treatment like Babe Original's Babe Lash Essential Lash Serum. This serum aims to promote longer, fuller-looking lashes with consistent use, and thousands of Amazon shoppers say it's the real deal.

Are your lashes giving less "va-va-voom" and more "where'd they go"? It might be time to try some Babe Lash, fans say.

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This lash-enhancing serum is formulated to encourage longer-looking, more voluminous eyelashes and brows. How does it work? It's chock-full of nourishing ingredients known that are thought to encourage hair growth, including biotin and amino acids.

Biotin, a popular vitamin supplement for hair, skin and nail health, is essential to the production of keratin, a protein in the body that forms nails, skin and hair. Some research suggests that a lack of biotin can lead to hair loss. While more study is needed to prove whether biotin helps regrow hair, it has been shown to maintain hair growth — and it may help improve hair's overall thickness and strength. Other ingredients, including glycerin and panthenol, help moisturize and condition the lashes, while amino acids like alanine and proline help hydrate and build collagen, respectively.

Using the serum is easy: Dip the fine-tip applicator into the tube and apply a thin line just above the upper lash lines on clean, dry skin. Wait one to two minutes for it to dry before touching your eyes or applying any other products, and that's it. Babe Lash suggests that beginners apply the serum every two to three days at first, working up to nightly application once eyes are accustomed to the product.

Some users say they start to see a difference as soon as four weeks in; however, it's probably best to assess growth after about 12 weeks of consistent use. Our suggestion? Take "before," "during" and "after" pics to compare — and maybe even show off your progress to friends who can't believe there are no exorbitant extensions or finicky falsies involved.

Before and After comparison of eyelashes' growth next to tube of Babe Lash serum
You could see a difference in your lashes in as little as four weeks, according to the brand. (Babe Original/Amazon)

Babe Lash has received more than 11,000 five-star reviews from Amazon customers. "This lash growth serum really works!" raved one happy user. "I am 65 years old and have not seen my lashes since I was in my 20s. Well, now I get compliments from my husband all the time on how nice my eyes look. I have longer, thicker lashes that make it fun to get dolled up for date night."

Another fan noted that while "it took about four weeks to really notice a difference," after six weeks of consistent use "my lashes are so long and healthy ... I've been using for about six months now and my lashes haven't grown much more since the six-week mark, but they maintain the great length, even only now using a few times a week. I've experienced zero irritation or issues." (Note: Some users of lash serums have reported the darkening of eyelids after use; Babe Lash reviewers are mixed on whether this treatment has caused extra pigmentation.)

One reviewer does warn that eyelids can get itchy while experiencing regrowth of previously dormant lash hairs, but said the end result is worth it. "I get so many compliments on [my lashes] everywhere I go. No one can believe that they are my real lashes and that I'm not even wearing any mascara."

Ever had a devastating eyelash accident — a lash-cident, perhaps? This serum might help. "I ripped part of my eyelashes out two times," said one unlucky customer. "The first time I ripped them out, the serum grew them back in about six weeks. Not only did my bald lashes grow back to their normal length, but all my lashes got significantly longer ... I didn’t see any growth until the six-week mark, and then all [of a] sudden my lashes exploded with length."

"I'm in my 70s and thinning lashes are not unusual at my age. Babe Lash is stunningly effective," shared a final product devotee. "Lashes are longer and more numerous, so much so that two friends asked if I was wearing false eyelashes."

One tube lasts quite a while, shoppers say. "This tube was supposed to last three months, but I think I am going to easily get four out of it. That means for less than $10 per month, I have thicker eyebrows and amazing lashes," enthused one

$29 at Amazon
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