I bought these viral anti-chafing thigh bands from Amazon: Here's my honest review

chafind, hand holding black bandelette lace thigh band against green sofa and painting, model wearing black underwear and black lace anti-chafing thigh band
I have trusted these anti-chafing Bandelettes thigh bands since 2019 — here's why (Photos via Amazon & Kayla Kuefler)

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While they say nothing in life is certain but death and taxes, for folks of a certain body type, seasonal thigh chafing can also be added to that list.

Thigh chafing, chub rub — whatever you want to call it — is a painful and unfortunate reality for many of us come summertime. And while some swear by anti-chafing shorts, balms, and baby powder, I am a devoted fan of one thigh-saving product and one thigh-saving product only: Bandelettes Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands.

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Bandelettes Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands

woman in black underwear and black lace thigh bands Bandelettes (Photo via Amazon)
Bandelettes (Photo via Amazon)

$28 at Amazon

The details

Bandelettes are a grease-free, chemical-free solution to painful thigh chafing. The thigh bands are made from soft, stretchy lace and cling to your legs via two rows of non-slip silicone strips.

They can be easily worn under dresses or skirts and eliminate the need for bulky anti-chafing shorts or greasy anti-chafing skin products. Their durable silicone strips hold up to sweat and activity and are invisible under clothing. Bandelettes are available in sizes small to 4XL and 13 colours and designs, including black lace and two unisex options.

Why I love them

I am not exaggerating when I say Bandelettes probably rank among my top 10 favourite possessions; top five in the summer.

This is because I hold the Holy Trinity of thigh chafing: Sensitive skin, rubbing thighs, and a propensity to walk 10,000 steps in 30-degree weather. Combined with the fact that I am a summer dress fiend, this often means that Dante's seventh circle is not, in fact, three rings of violence, but rather a three-inch area on each of my inner thighs: Raw, red, and in need of a higher power.

My Bandelettes have remained an essential part of my summer wardrobe since they first came into my life in 2019. I own the beige and black lace styles, and they have loyally stood up to countless washes, outfits, and sweaty summer treks.

hand holding black lace thigh band bandelettes, interior and exterior of black bandelettes anti thigh chafing bands
The exterior and interior of my beloved Bandelettes (Photos via Kayla Kuefler)

In my opinion, the pros of Bandelettes include:

  • Lightweight and breathable — team airflow, baby!

  • Washes well — I wash on cold and air dry and have never had an issue with the silicone strips.

  • Sexy — I mean, let's call a spade a spade. No one needs to know their true purpose.

  • Comfortable — I have worn them for hours on end in all kinds of weather, and I've never experienced any discomfort.

As for cons, the only thing worth mentioning is that if you wear them too high up, they can make your butt look a little weird. However, this shouldn't be an issue unless you're wearing a tiny mini skirt.

What people are saying

Beloved by my fellow internet thigh-chafers, Bandelettes have earned more than 8,700 five-star reviews from shoppers and an Amazon's best-seller title.

According to one reviewer, the thigh bands are a "curvy girl's new best friend!"

They're "really comfortable," and there was "no slippage," even after a full day of walking, they write. Adding, "[I] forgot I had them on!"

Bandelettes in Beige Dolce, beige lace thigh bands on white background (Photo via Amazon)
Bandelettes in Beige Dolce (Photo via Amazon)

$28 at Amazon

Bandelettes "are worth the investment," promises another reviewer. They have "saved my thighs from the dreaded rub" and "stay up all night" — total "thigh savers!"

The material "vents moisture" away from the skin "very well," which is especially helpful in hot, humid weather, writes a third shopper.

Despite thousands of reviews lauding the thigh bands as a chub rub hero, some users say their Bandelettes "would not stay in place."

They are "constantly slipping" and "need adjusting," according to one shopper.

The verdict

Chub rub is the worst, but it doesn't have to be. For folks looking to spare their thighs from a painful season of chafing, Bandelettes have been one of my summer essentials since 2019. However, some shoppers say their thigh bands needed regular adjusting, something to keep in mind when heading to checkout.

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