Barack Obama predicted the winner of Kendrick v Drake feud eight years ago in resurfaced video

As rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake are engaged in one of hip-hop’s biggest-ever beefs, an eight-year-old clip has resurfaced of former president Barack Obama weighing in on a potential feud between the two stars.

Mr Obama was interviewed by Adande Thorne, a YouTuber better known online as Swoozie, in 2016, when he was asked about a potential battle between Drake and Kendrick.

“If Drake and Kendrick Lamar got in a rap battle, who do you think would win?” the YouTube personality asked.

Mr Obama predicted Lamar.

He said, “I’m just saying, I think Drake is an outstanding entertainer but Kendrick, his lyrics, his last album was outstanding. Best album I think of last year.”

The clip was resurrected after both rappers dropped duelling diss tracks.

On 3 May, Lamar released “Meet the Grahams,” in which he suggested that Drake has a “secret daughter”.

Kendrick Lamar (left) and Drake (Getty)
Kendrick Lamar (left) and Drake (Getty)

Drake responded via an Instagram story, writing: “Nahhh hold on can someone find my hidden daughter pls and send her to me...these guys are in shambles.”

In another track, he labelled Drake a “paedophile,” with lyrics saying, “I hear you like ‘em young.”

Meanwhile, the “God’s Plan” artist released his own diss track,“Family Matters”, alleging Lamar physically abused his fiancee.

The song also accuses Lamar of hypocrisy in his pro-Black activism: “You just actin’ like an activist, it’s make-believe, don’t even go back to your hood and plant no money trees.”