Bartenders Are Sharing The Things They Absolutely Hate That Customers Do And I'm Embarrassed To Say I've Done Some Of These

1.Bartenders hate when you think less ice equals more booze:

Ray Liotta laughing

2.Bartenders hate when you think your clumsiness equals a free drink:

"Sorry man, I dropped my drink, can I have a new one for free?" Text overlay on an image of Tobey Maguire with text below: "i missed the part where that's my problem."

3.Bartenders hate when you think you'll get a drink special:

A bartender shaking a drink / Via Getty

4.Bartenders hate when you try to clean up like this:

A bunch of napkins in a cup

5.Bartenders hate when you can't figure out why your bill is the way it is:

"No, it's the bartender who's wrong"

6.Bartenders hate when you give them that little "damn":

"Please don't say damn when you hear the price"

7.Bartenders hate when you ask for an extremely complicated homemade recipe:

A laminated drink recipe

8.Bartenders hate when you barge in and yell your order:

Samuel L. Jackson in "Pulp Fiction"

9.Bartenders hate when you order drinks that are literally impossible to make:

A receipt for a drink order

10.Bartenders hate when you make a giant mess with a pitcher:

A little boy spilling juice on the floor
Getty / Via

11.Bartenders hate when you open and close a tab a million times:

People at the bar
Getty Images

12.Bartenders hate when you wait 'til the last minute to order a bunch more drinks:

Robert Downey Jr. rolling his eyes

13.Bartenders hate when you are creepy to the staff:

"Is this love?"

14.Bartenders hate when you tip like this:

"Don't be this guy"

15.Bartenders hate when you think they have some sort of superpowers:

Tweet from a bartender saying she carried 4 pints and they wondered where the other 3 were

16.Bartenders hate when you think they can tell the difference between all your cards:

A bunch of bar tabs and credit cards

17.Like, come on:

Two men and a woman at a bar. The first man appears frustrated while the woman, wearing a coat, seems inquisitive. Text reads, "He SAID it's the BLUE CHASE card."

18.Bartenders hate when you don't get what you yourself just said:

When you tell a customer they can't be served if they are falling asleep at the bar and they reply, "It's okay, I got plenty of sleep last night!"

19.Bartenders hate when you keep going and going and going:

SpongeBob on the phone and drained of energy

20.Bartenders hate when you make modifications that make literally no sense at all:

pina colada order reading extra creamy

21.Bartenders hate when you walk in right at the end of the night:

"a group of assholes suddenly walking in"
Jeff J Mitchell / Staff

22.Or, see this exact sight and ask "are you closed?"

Chairs on top of the bar

23.Bartenders hate when you ask them to perform a miracle:

Image of a receipt with the text, "3 LEMON DROP ! MAKE 4" and a caption above, "When servers expect bartenders to turn water into wine."

24.Bartenders hate when you come in once and think you're a regular:

A tweet from @hxlprncss reads: "ppl will come up to my bar like 'i’ll do another round of what I had last time' as if y’all all don’t look like the anchovies from spongebob to me."

25.Bartenders hate when you interrupt them during a super busy shift to take a picture:

A man crying and taking a photo

26.Bartenders hate when you order a complicated drink in a dive bar:

"but I figured if he thought I was stupid, he'd quit trying to order cocktails at a dive bar"

27.Bartenders hate when you let them list off 27 beers and just choose something else:

"You sly dog, you had me monologuing"

28.Bartenders hate when you think saying "make it strong" will get you a strong drink:

"Pay for a double"

29.Bartenders hate when you refuse to take no for an answer:

Charlie looking manic with a cigarette in his hand

30.Bartenders hate when you go way off the rails:

A meme with one student holding a tuba over another's head. Text reads: "Rabid Conspiracy Theories", "me, just trying to make it through a day behind the bar", "53 year old man"

31.Bartenders hate when you block their way:

A train hitting a bus

32.Bartenders hate when you ask questions when the answer is right in front of you:

Bar with numerous beer taps and a large chalkboard menu listing various draft beer options. Text overlay asks, "Do you guys have draft beer?"

33.Bartenders hate when you think this counts for ID:

Top: A cashier asks, "Do you have an ID?" Bottom: Jack Sparrow replies, "No. Much better. A photo of an ID."

34.Bartenders hate when you act like their best friend:

A meme with Kathryn Hahn winking, captioned, "Sure bar patron I've never met, I'll 'hook it up'." User @therealmattyr

35.And bartenders hate when you order this exact drink, apparently:

Tito's and vodka