This portable air conditioner can help you stay cool this summer — and it's on sale for $54

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Stay cool this summer with a personal air conditioner from Basein. (Image via Getty Images)
Stay cool this summer with a personal air conditioner from Basein. (Image via Getty Images)

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Summer temperatures continue to rise across Canada, making it uncomfortably hot for many people— especially those who don't have air conditioner.

Summer temperatures increase the risk of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration — and the most at-risk people for heat stroke are seniors and people with chronic conditions who live alone and don't have air conditioning, which is still the best way to prevent heat-related illnesses or deaths. That means having some kind of air conditioning is more than just a luxury.

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Portable air conditioners, like the Evaporative Air Conditioner Fan from Basein, can help create a more comfortable living space for you and your loved ones.

Basein Evaporative Air Conditioner

Basein's Evaporative Air Conditioner - Amazon
Basein's Evaporative Air Conditioner - Amazon

SHOP IT: Amazon, $54 (originally $60)

What is it?

Basein’s portable air conditioner features three adjustable wind speeds, a touch panel screen and a large 500 ml water tank to help you keep cool at home or the office.

The affordable unit features a detachable, a washable filter and can a USB connection so you can power your fan from your laptop or adaptor (sold separately).Basein’s updated 2021 unit has seven LED mood lights to create a relaxing atmosphere.

What people are saying

Basein's 500 ml unit has earned more than 600 customer reviews on Amazon from shoppers who have called this particular unit perfect for small spaces and personal use.

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"I have been using this two weeks and it is a perfect mini cooler for my workspace. I have very small workspace where I don’t have air conditioning. I like it because this fits in small space and it can run by power banks or connecting to the laptop through USB," one shopper wrote. "I can also put ice cubes or put some water to get more cool air. It has a night light too with different colour options. It has three speed settings. Pros: it's easy to carry, we can use power banks, it come with an ice tray and night light and it's very quiet. "

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"My first time trying a mini portable air conditioner and I am pleasantly surprised that it works well. Got it for my office desk which faces towards window and I always tend to feel warm in that area," another said. "It can be connected to my laptop while I am working, just fill it with water and boom. I am happy with how light weight it is and doesn’t make a lot of noise."

Basein's Evaporative Air Conditioner - (Image via Amazon)
Basein's Evaporative Air Conditioner - (Image via Amazon)

Although Basein's portable unit doesn't use any chemicals to cool the air like an air conditioner, shoppers say it's a solid option to help you stay cool and comfortable.

"I liked the mobility and I know for a fact it really does blow out cold air. I bought a very similar product and it lasted over a year before I broke it (I dropped it one too many times). However, with my old one, when you filled the water reservoir the water lasted two to three days," one shopper said. "With this new one the water lasts maybe two to three hours so it takes frequent refills to work for an entire day. That's s bit of a bummer because I mainly use them to keep me cool when I sleep."

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Heat-related illnesses are a very real and serious summer health hazard. With the current heat waves taking place across Canada, a portable and personal unit like Basein's 500ml three speed fan is a great option if you don't have access to air conditioning.

While there are more expensive units on the market from brands like Dyson and Danby, not everyone can afford to pay hundreds of dollars at the drop of a hat. Basein's on-sale unit is an affordable choice if you're looking for a personal air conditioner on a budget but keep in mind that it's for personal use only, and not suitable for cooling large living spaces.

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