Baskin-Robbins Debuts A Unique Floral Flavor For Spring

Baskin Robbins' Marigold Dreamsicle ice cream
Baskin Robbins' Marigold Dreamsicle ice cream - Baskin Robbins

While all things spring blossoms might not be a new concept for the season, it's certainly not a typical take on frozen treats at Baskin-Robbins. Although the ice cream chain has released flower-inspired ice cream before with its rose and strawberry ice cream in 2022, fans of the delicate floral flavors will be excited to know that there's another one coming soon. Baskin-Robbins is preparing to unveil its newest flavor for April and it's an unusual spin on a classic. Next month, which just so happens to be National Gardening Month, visitors can order Marigold Dreamsicle ice cream.

This bold concoction blends the delicate essence of marigold blossoms with a creamy vanilla bean ice cream, all swirled together with zesty orange ice cream. It's a delectable take on classic creamsicle ice cream thanks to its vanilla and orange notes. Made from real marigold blossoms, this scoop offers a light and refreshing taste that's as unique as it is delightful.

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Expect Fruity And Floral Notes From The New Flavor

creamsicle ice cream in cup with straws
creamsicle ice cream in cup with straws - Rimma Bondarenko/Shutterstock

Marigolds are not just a pretty flower -- they're also edible, adding a pop of color, creativity, and flavor to culinary creations. Now, you might be wondering: What exactly do marigolds taste like? The brightly-colored flowers have a subtle hint of orange and tangerine with a touch of earthiness.

With Marigold Dreamsicle, Baskin-Robbins takes this floral delight to new heights, pairing it with two delicious flavors of ice cream. Not only do these flavors create a fresh take on a classic ice cream flavor, creamsicle, but they also elevate the scoop to a whole new level of deliciousness.

So, whether you're a botanical enthusiast or simply looking to tantalize your taste buds with something new and exciting, Marigold Dreamsicle is sure to catch customers' eyes -- and tastebuds -- the next time they step into Baskin-Robbins. Treat yourself to this floral flavor for a taste of spring this April. It will be available as scoops in stores, in milkshakes and sundaes, and also available in take-home pints.

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