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Beat the winter blues with these 10 deals that are $10 and under

Cleaning brushes, makeup sponges, and gloves
From makeup sponges to high-tech gloves, welcome to your deals cheat sheet. (Amazon)

Like the shopping-obsessed editors we are, we've been keeping a close watch on great deals. Hiding in plain sight right here, we found tons of products marked down to $10 or less. And we're ready to let you in on all the shopping secrets, with our 10 favorite bargains that'll brighten up your day while we're still in the dog days of winter.

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This sleep mask is made with five layers of cushy, breathable material for comfort, and has two special cotton triangles on each side to eliminate any light from seeping in.

$10 at Amazon

A good night’s sleep means reduced stress, improved moods and a better immune system. And if you're in need of it, Amazon has a pretty irresistible deal that might help you out. Made of five layers of super-breathable fabric for maximum comfort and available in black or gray, the Mavogel Cotton Sleep Mask is a perfect choice.

One of the mask's 56,000 five-star fans uses it to get some shut-eye while traveling. "Buy it!" they raved. "I can easily clip it to me as I'm boarding so I don't have to worry about where the mask is. It's super comfortable — think jersey material without the heat. Also, the nose has a wire in it, so you can pinch it or manipulate it to fit your nose, which minimizes the sun...This is my go-to mask for travel."

This little guy is only 0.35 inches thick, has a six-foot long cable and includes USB ports.

$14 at Amazon

As many of you know, home and hotel designers are sometimes out of touch with the tech populace. Come on, how difficult is it to have sufficient power outlets in places that make sense? For whatever reason, it seems there are never enough ports to charge your phone beside the bed or a place to plug in your computer at the table. Or both. But this portable power strip is here to save the day.

"Best extension cord for little places," revealed this shopper. "This cord goes between my Roku (needs power) and the outlet. It curls up and becomes invisible. No more big semi-flexible cord to always be in the way. Thanks!"

More than 20,000 of these cleaners have been sold on Amazon in the past month.

$7 at Amazon

Kitchen cleaning often gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list when other chores seem more immediate. However, overall ick does build up in no time, which can make you even less inclined to want to deal with it. But these Amazon No. 1 bestselling brushes are here to do the dirty work.

"Another cleaning tool I didn't know I needed," revealed this fan. "These are a great size in both width and length to get into crevices. Areas such as the space between counters and stoves and around faucets. These are stiff bristles that get into the cracks and are able to scrub out debris, grime and rust. I have a glass shower door and these get into the hinges and clean out everything that accumulates there."

Forget the Beautyblender for all your makeup application needs. This affordable set of five sponges is an Amazon top-seller loved by over 73,000 beauty enthusiasts.

Save $2 with coupon
$5 at Amazon

Beauty enthusiasts can't get enough of these sponges — they make applying foundation flawlessly easy— but you don't have to spend a lot to get the right coverage. This set is a fraction of the price charged for the brand name version.

"I’m honestly surprised at how much I like these!" wrote one shocked shopper. "They expand really well and feel almost like memory foam when they’re damp. Honestly, I think I prefer the application and feeling of these over the OG beauty blender AND the real techniques one. It gave medium buildable coverage without looking cakey and didn’t break up my dewy foundation like some makeup brushes can do. Overall these are a HUGE win for the price!"

This scalp massager is made with soft silicone “bristles” attached to an ergonomically designed handle. It promises a deep clean while gently exfoliating your scalp without scratching it, and it has over 42,000 five-star fans who love it.

$6 at Amazon

Scalp in need of TLC? Thousands of five-star fans rave about how this scalp massager improves dandruff symptoms, stimulates hair growth and, most importantly, it feels amazing.

"I have bought 4 of these total because they are just that awesome!!" wrote one rave reviewer. "These have long enough tines that they can get through my thick hair and they are flexible so it's not like scrubbing your scalp with a wire brush. It's like getting a nice scalp massage every time you wash your hair. My son has pretty bad dermatitis on his scalp AND has my super thick hair and for YEARS we struggled to keep his scalp clear...until we found these!! He uses one every time he showers and it really REALLY does a great job of loosening scalp plaque from dermatitis and keeps his scalp clean and clear!!"

This car garbage bin is leakproof and waterproof — even if there's a little bit of soda left in your can, that means there won't be a major cleanup if it spills.

$8 at Amazon

Keeping your car tidy is effortless with this leakproof bin specially designed for corralling garbage in your car. No more burger wrappers, napkins or straws floating around the backseat!

"Great little trash bin that hangs behind the seat!" shared a happy shopper. "It is extra convenient as I have two dogs who travel with me on long-distance trips. Sometimes they get car sick and I would have to pull over and clean up their vomit. Oftentimes I would have to keep the smelly garbage in the car out in the open but now I could the garbage contained! This is a genius invention and great quality!"

The soft cover attaches to your seatbelt with velcro and comes in 14 different colors.

$8 at Amazon

Seatbelts aren't the most comfortable safety measures out there, but they keep us, well, safe. This cover gives you a soft layer to prevent the belt from digging into your skin. It has already improved the driving experience for 10,000 five-star fans.

"This works very well and is soft and stays put without any discomfort," wrote a rave reviewer. "Keeps the shoulder strap off the neck when driving. Since I am shorter than most people the shoulder strap rides around my neck & I have to keep pulling it back. This solves the problem very nicely."

These knit gloves are made with conductive yarn which makes it possible to swipe and type on your smartphone while keeping your hands warm. 

$7 at Amazon

These gloves are made just for times when we want to use our phones but it's too cold for bare hands. They're constructed with a special yarn that allows your smartphone to detect your finger which means the gloves don't have to come off to use Google Maps. More than 40,000 Amazon shoppers give these a perfect five-star rating.

"Getting ready to take a trip to Alaska," shared a five-star fan. "Saw this advertised on a YouTube video and thought I would give it a try. Very pleased. Very comfortable and they fit great soft and snug around the wrist but most of all I can use my phone without taking them off. Great for texting, phone calls and taking pictures. I’m hooked!"

This set is made with polyester in a satin weave for luxurious beauty sleep.

$10 at Amazon

Sure, it prevents damage to your hair and lets the expensive beauty cream stay on your face, but the pure luxury of laying your head on a satin pillowcase alone is enough to shell out the eight bucks for this set. More than 223,000 rave reviewers might just agree.

"I've had these pillowcases for going on two years and let me tell you how much I love them," wrote a five-star fan. "I bought the satin green pillowcases in hopes of taming the frizz in my long thick wavy hair and overall it's just healthier for your hair. I have not looked at another pillow case since."

This set of two shoe bags are made with waterproof nylon. They're designed to protect other items in your gym bag or suitcase from the dirt and grime your shoes pick up on the street.

$8 at Amazon

Now's the time to upgrade from plastic bags to pack your shoes to a pair of zip-close nylon bags. They'll help keep your suitcase and all the items in it free from dirt and debris on your shoes.

"The pair of these two shoe bags is awesome!" raved a five-star fan. "I was so pleased with them. They pack easily and one bag fits a pair of my sneakers and the other a pair of loafers. I like the lightness of the bags so when I am not using them they do not take up a lot of space. The zipper works great so I know my shoes are not going to fall out and touch my clothes. I have had other shoe bags and they were a bit heavier but they also were not as easy to pack due to their inflexibility. These bags due to their material make them very flexible and easy to pack. To get two bags for such a great price, you cannot go wrong..."

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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