How to give your bed an autumnal makeover

autumn bedding
Simple autumn bedding ideas for cosy seasonPhotography: Oli Douglas / Styling: Rebecca de Boehmler / Direction: Sarah Keady

Autumn is here, so it's time to start thinking about snuggling up in woolly jumpers and planning nights in rather than out. To prepare you for the chillier weather, we’ve pulled together some tips on creating a comfy autumn bedding scheme that will see you through the season in style.

Invest in winter bedding

First things first: address the basics. A good mattress forms the basis of any good bedding, so make sure you’ve invested in the best option possible for your budget. 'A gel memory foam mattress will help to regulate your body temperature and keep you warmer for longer,' says interior designer Francesca Harris. 'Those made from natural materials such as cotton, wool and coir are also good for temperature regulation.'

Next, it’s time to put away your tower fan and swap your thin summer duvet for a heavier option. A thick mattress topper or an electric blanket will increase your bed's cosiness factor and keep you warm – and it'll save turning the heating on, too.

'Before adding throws and blankets, check the tog of your duvet. As we go into the winter months, consider going up to a 10.5 to 13.5 tog,' says Francesca. 'This will ensure your cover is warm but still feels breathable.'

Switch up your colours and prints

The autumn season is the time to move away from pastel tones and work some warmer, deeper shades into your scheme. 'These are more muted in tones than summer ones,' says Stelrad's interiors expert, Chris Harvey. 'Consider paler shades that can still be considered as warm colours, such as rusty orange, vanilla, oatmeal and chestnut.'

autumn bedding
Chain Print Bedding Set, HabitatHabitat

Using these as a base, layer with deeper tones to build out your scheme and make the room feel really cosy. 'If you’re not sure what the best colour is then look outside your window and let nature inspire you,' Chris continues. 'Focus on burgundy hues reminiscent of fallen leaves and chocolate, and burnt oranges resembling earth and wood.'

For autumn bedding, don’t be afraid to mix and match either. Plain linens look great when paired with a bold graphic print – like on a cushion or throw, for example – to add a splash of personality. A chunky textured blanket across the bottom of the bed also helps to create a relaxed and inviting feel. Remember, it's important to stick to a warm colour palette overall, even when mixing eclectic patterns together, to create a consistent look.

Mix fabrics and textures

If your bed is currently only adorned with a simple duvet set, give it an instant upgrade by adding a throw and some cushions. This will quickly create a cosy atmosphere that's perfect for curling up in as the nights get cooler.

'Throws or bedspread blankets are a great way to bring a sense of warmth into your room and provide the perfect "snuggling" conditions,' says Chris. 'Vary the colours and sizes of the cushions you buy so that each complements the other without all looking the same. This will not only make things more comfortable, but will look cosier and more inviting.'

Add extra depth by layering fabrics. A cotton bedding set topped with a linen bedspread and finished with a fluffy throw and some plush cushions, will create a tactile and inviting scheme that you'll be excited to curl up in every night.

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