Bella Hadid body-shamed for bikini video: 'This is truly sad'

Bella Hadid is being body-shamed for her appearance in <em>Love</em> magazine. (Photo: YouTube)
Bella Hadid is being body-shamed for her appearance in Love magazine. (Photo: YouTube)

Bella Hadid is opening up about the process of learning to love herself. But despite sharing a bit of her journey toward self-acceptance in Love magazine’s moving-image issue, people are saying she’s responsible for portraying misleading ideals of beauty for young girls.

The supermodel appeared in a video posted by the publication on Thursday, in which she’s showing off her svelte figure in bedazzled bathing suits while talking about feeling her most beautiful and healthy.

“When I felt most beautiful was very recently in the past, you know, two years, when my health was at its best, my love was with me and around me,” she’s heard saying. “I just felt very comfortable in my own being instead of looking for the person that I should be through others.”

But in response to the supermodel’s image being blasted all over mainstream media, the magazine’s followers are pointing out that Hadid actually makes it more difficult for others to reject the idea of defining their beauty through others. One commenter even wrote, “This makes me want to starve.”

“This is truly sad. She’s talking about self-acceptance as she’s withering away to bones. The modeling industry is barbaric and disgusting with its ‘beauty’ standards,” another wrote.

Some even told Love magazine to “do better.” While others came to Hadid’s defense by calling people out for being just as harmful by body-shaming the 22-year-old.

“Some people have this body and can’t change. Stop with the body-shaming, thanks,” one person wrote. Another said, “Stop calling people skeletons because that’s offensive.”

It’s not the first time that a photo of Hadid has sparked this kind of debate. Just before walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the model took to her Instagram to post a picture in her underwear, writing about how she feels “happier and healthier than ever.”

After receiving a number of hateful comments, the model changed her caption to reflect that all bodies react differently to workouts and a healthy diet.

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