Toronto medispa accused of fat-shaming customers in Valentine's Day ad

Bellair Laser Clinic is in hot water over a Valentine's Day email.

A Toronto medispa is in hot water over a Valentine's Day email.

On Tuesday, Bellair Laser Clinic sent out a Valentine's Day promotional email blast to their customers, notifying them of discounted Emsculpt "body contouring" services — a nonsurgical treatment involving a painless hot and cold laser massaging device that sculpts the body by eliminating fat cells and tightening the skin.

The ad included the subject line, "You'll want to check out this Valentine's sale," paired with an image of a pig figurine wearing lingerie and a police officer's hat alongside text that reads: "When your lingerie says Victoria's Secret but your body says McDonald's."

"Emsculpt now 55% off," the email continues enthusiastically in all capitals. "Bye bye fat."

Emsculpt is an "FDA authorized/cleared for improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, development of firmer abdomen," by the use of electromagnetic technology designed to "induce muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions," according to Bellair Laser Clinic's website.

According to BlogTO, the email garnered backlash from patrons who were "beyond disgusted."

"I received a horrifying fat shaming Valentine's email from Bellair Laser clinic," one customer told BlogTO. "Baffled as to how someone thought it was okay to send out."

They added: "It's pretty brutal. It's just really wrong and I think they should be held accountable. "

Someone else took to Twitter to write: "Wow. I don’t care how good they think they are, I would not allow them to touch as much as an eyelash. Shaming is shameless."

"In 2023!? Be f——-g for real," another Twitter user chimed in.

The CEO of Bellair Laser Clinic, Oscar Amar, responded to the controversy by telling Yahoo Canada "what is done is done."

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