Ben Stiller reveals he was diagnosed with prostate cancer

Ben Stiller Good Will Hunting
Ben Stiller Good Will Hunting

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Ben Stiller revealed on "The Howard Stern Show" Tuesday that he was diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer in 2014.

Stiller said he was diagnosed following some unusual results from a regular physical, TheWrap reports.

“If I hadn’t gotten the test, my doctor started giving it to me at 46, I still wouldn’t know,” the "Zoolander" and "There's Something About Mary" star said. “I wanted to talk about it because of the test, because I feel like the test saved my life.”

Stiller was referring to the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test, which looks for signs of potential prostate cancer.

“The controversy about the test is that once you get treatment for prostate cancer, things can happen: incontinence, impotence,” Stiller said. “It’s the second most deadly cancer, but it’s also one of the most survived cancers, if it’s detected early.”

Stiller also wrote an op-ed about his cancer diagnosis and treatment on Medium published Tuesday. He says he's been cancer-free for two years, and wanted to urge the importance of the test in cases like himself.

"Taking the PSA test saved my life. Literally. That’s why I am writing this now," Stiller wrote.

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