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The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this Friday — save up to 40%

ear buds, sweat pants, air fryer
There's a little of everything on sale right now! (Photo: Amazon) (Photo: Amazon)

Ready to kick off the weekend with some retail therapy? Our team has scoured Amazon to put together a quick-and-dirty list of the top sales for you. So what are today's best Amazon deals? Well, you can score super comfy, super popular joggers for over 40% off. How 'bout a set of popular Anker earbuds for just $28? Or you can get a mega-popular Ninja air fryer that just happens to be $30 off. There's a lot to explore! Let's have a closer look at these stellar Amazon bargains, shall we?

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This tiny earbuds pack a powerful punch. Enjoy big bass and an impressive 32 hours of play time.
$35 at Amazon

Want quality earbuds without paying a fortune. Anker's P2 Mini earbuds are the answer. These buds offer enhanced EQ modes to give you the option of choosing Anker Soundcore's signature well-balanced sound, a bass-booster and a podcast option to make voices stand out more clearly. They're 10% lighter than standard earbuds and won't weigh you down. They also offer up to 32 hours of play time before needing a recharge. Choose from a slew of different colors, including black, pink and navy — they're all on sale!

"I have owned many pairs of earbuds including Airpods Pro, Galaxy Buds 2 and many with most finally returned for various reasons. Then I ordered the Soundcore by Anker Life P2 Mini and am just shocked how good they are and at a reasonable price," said a happy customer. "Pairing was straight-forward. The quality of the sound is just wonderful with an amazing ear-blasting volume level. As they are quite light in weight, staying in my ears was no problem. Oh, and battery life is as good as advertised. I gave up my test after they ran from 7am to 3:30 pm and were still going."

This popular air fryer has a wide temperature range, spanning from 105 to 400 degrees, so you can really get that nice crispy texture.
$80 at Amazon

The Ninja AF101 air fryer cooks with up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods. This fryer has a four-quart basket and crisper plate to handle up to two pounds of French fries at once. Once you're done, just toss the basket in the dishwasher.

"Oh my goodness, I want to use this for everything," a satisfied customer said. "I like to think of this as a personal-sized convection oven on steroids. Veggie burgers crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Roasted vegetables, fish sticks, chicken, burgers, fries, fish all with about 30-40% shorter cook times than the oven and only a three-minute preheat time (vs six to 10 oven minutes)."

This coffee maker lets you brew a big pot of coffee or a single-serve cup. You can even use your own coffee in the single-serve brewer instead of buying pods.
$70 at Amazon

Love single-serve coffee but don't like pods and capsules? This coffee maker lets you scoop your favorite blend for a single cup. Got guests? You also have the option of brewing an entire pot. You can even program it to churn out your joe at a certain time every day, so you can wake up to the smell of a freshly brewed cup. It also features a two-hour automatic shut-off and ability to program it to get going when you wake up.

"I programmed it so that it will brew a pot in the morning and that worked perfectly! I love waking up to fresh coffee and have the house smelling like a coffee shop!" a five-star fan said. "It is super easy to clean [and] the two-hour automatic shut off is a wonder. I can leave the coffee on the warming plate without having to worry that I will forget to turn it off later."

If you need neck support while you sleep, the Hoperay Bed Neck Pillow promises to never go flat, thanks to its shredded memory foam filling.
$43 at Amazon

Hoperay pillows come with extra filling, so you can customize the firmness. (It's like Build a Bear for adults!). But the comfort doesn't end with firm control. According to Amazon shoppers, it also stays cool, so it's great for sweaty sleepers (you know who you are).

"I wasn't sleeping well and knew I needed a new pillow," a satisfied sleeper shared. "It's perfect. I'm sleeping like a baby and hardly toss and turn. It stays cool and supports where needed. I love it so much. I'm thinking about getting one for my husband."

These buttery-soft leggings are opaque and moisture-wicking. They have a hidden pocket in the waistband along with two deep side pockets and come in more than 100 different colors and styles.
$21 at Amazon

Fall is upon us and we can start cozying up in comfy loungewear, which, of course, means new leggings. These yoga pants land somewhere between leggings and joggers, which means they provide the level of comfort that can earn more than 65,000 five-star reviews.

“Okay, these may be my favorite leggings/yoga pants/just bottoms in general that I've EVER owned,” wrote a very excited shopper. “I can't even tell you how comfortable they are — it's like wearing a velvet cat on your legs?? A suede-y second skin? What it'd be like if true love was magically woven into a fabric? You get it, but yeah, they're that good. Fit snug at first but as you move around they loosen up reasonably. Quality is outstanding, color is rich... Can't recommend these enough!!!”

If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those without Prime still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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