Best Anti-Valentine's Day Songs for Every Zodiac Sign

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To the Valentine's Day haters among us: if you're tired of hearing about other people's love stories, cuffed but not a romantic at heart, or want to embrace your single status, it's time to listen to a playlist of anti-Valentine's Day songs perfectly tailored to your zodiac sign.

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Don't be discouraged if Valentine's Day is just another day for you — there's a song for every sign, and every scenario, to get you through the day of romance on February 14. Below, listen to these tunes that are anti all of the Valentine's Day hype.


Demi Lovato, “Sorry Not Sorry”

Aries are independent and have a fiery nature, which helps them to achieve greatness on their terms. They believe that the best revenge is living well. “Sorry Not Sorry” is about standing up to exes and haters and taking back one’s power. This song captures the essence of how they feel on Valentine's Day or any time that they are thriving (which is always) in order to prove their vigor to everyone who doubted them.


Ariana Grande, “break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored”

This song is debatably about self-love, and every Taurus understands the importance of building a strong relationship with oneself and doing what they want. Of course, it's always possible to meet attractive people while on the journey who can add some excitement to one's sensual experiences, which the earthy Bull is open to. Their determination won't detour them from someone they've set their eyes on — even if they're taken, making this an anti-love song, too.


Dua Lipa, “Dance The Night”

Geminis tend to rationalize their feelings and do not let heartbreak hinder their progress. Instead, they keep moving forward and focus on the present. "Dance the Night" by Dua Lipa is a perfect anti-Valentine's Day theme song for Geminis, as it inspires them to let go of their heartbreak and to go with the flow by dancing and laughing. This song emphasizes the importance of moving on from the past and living in the moment.


Robyn, “Dancing On My Own”

This song is about overcoming the past and moving on, which can be hard for everyone — especially Cancer. However, being able to let go of a bad breakup adds to the crab’s resilience and strength of character once they can. When they’re ready to confront old ghosts and pleasure by dancing on their own is when they can be happy with being single and free to do what they choose to on their terms.


boygenius, “Not Strong Enough”

This song portrays Leos as humans rather than extraordinary beings (or as the words state “Always an angel, never a god”). As much as they'd like to think otherwise, Leos are mere mortals who can only do as much as their abilities allow them, despite their desire to do more for their loved ones. This makes the song a perfect anti-love song for the generous lion who likes to show off their bravado and brawniness to those they love.


Olivia Rodrigo, “All-American Bitch”

Virgos often feel the pressure to maintain an image of calm and perfection on the outside, even when they are struggling with frustration internally. Olivia Rodrigo's song “All-American Bitch” provides the ultimate platform for Virgos to express their genuine emotions and voice their frustrations. As individuals who are often expected to forgive and forget, particularly in the case of former partners, this song allows them to let go of their annoyance and irritation towards them.


Coi Leray, “Players”

Libras are often thought of as charming and flirtatious, leading them to freely pursue their long list of contacts and romantic interests whenever they please (if they're single). This is why Coi Leray’s “Players” is a homage to the air sign, because it exemplifies Libra’s desire to embrace the luxurious joie de vivre lifestyle and maintain relationships with those they can have a good time hanging out with as long as no strings are attached.


Sam Smith and Kim Petras, “Unholy”

Scorpios are known for their heightened passions; they always are the first to love bomb their boo at any given moment — even it's not Valentine's Day. However, their desires will still reach a fever pitch if they aren't a fan of the romantic holiday, which is why this song will allow them to unleash their yearnings and indulge in a hookup or party on the DL, which speaks to their mysterious ways and carnal urges.


Beyoncé, “Sorry”

Sagittariuses are known for their love of self-expression and emotional freedom. With that in mind, an anti-Valentine's Day song that allows this sign to unleash their emotions and express their true feelings while popping off to their ex is the perfect present for Sagittarius. After all, the archer is the only zodiac sign equipped with a weapon (they carry a bow and arrow) — so this is an ideal song to sling words not arrows to.


BTS, “Fake Love”

Capricorns value things that are concrete and genuine, and they have no patience for artificiality. They would rather hear unpleasant truths than comforting lies. This song will likely resonate with them, as it celebrates the presence of wonderful people in their lives and emphasizes the importance of avoiding negative influences. Interestingly, this song enables the sea-goat to understand that when they're ready for love, they'll know the kind of energy they desire in their life.


Saweetie, “Best Friend” (feat. Doja Cat)

Every Aquarius knows that having a supportive pal who cheers them on and stands by their side can make all the difference. If the water-bearer isn’t feeling the Valentine's Day spirit, Aquarians should try surrounding themselves with people who accept them for who they are and help them feel more confident. Finding a jam that reflects their airy disposition can also be a great way to lift their spirits, making “Best Friend” a vibe.


Miley Cyrus, “Flowers”

Pisces, being a sensitive water sign, prioritizes extreme self-care instead of worrying about being single or an ex. On Valentine's Day, it is crucial for them to put their needs first. As stated in the lyrics of “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus, being uncoupled does not mean that one cannot buy themself romantic gifts and have fun at the club. These fishies excel at taking care of themselves and giving themselves the right amount of TLC.

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