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These Oprah-approved sheets went viral — here's why they're worth the money

Are expensive sheets worth it? I tried Cozy Earth & Hush bamboo sheets — here's what I thought.

Are expensive sheets worth it? I tried Cozy Earth & Hush bamboo sheets to find out, cozy earth Bamboo Sheet Set versus HUSH ICED BAMBOO COOLING SHEETS AND PILLOWCASE SET
Are expensive sheets worth it? I tried Cozy Earth & Hush bamboo sheets to find out (Photo via Getty).

I'm going to be honest, I used to think expensive sheets were a waste of money. However, much like being upgraded to business class on an overnight flight, once you wake up, you realize there's no going back. Prior to my own Cozy Earth and Hush sheets, my linen closet was a mishmash of textures unearthed from my grandma's basement, HomeSense and who knows where else. "Fine" was their main descriptor; not terrible, not exceptional. Then, as one does during a self-care binge, I upgraded my bedding. And let me tell you — good quality sheets? Very, very worth it.

Why your sheets matter

We all know that a good night's sleep is essential to recharging our minds and bodies. Sleep can help us regulate our emotions, improve our immune systems and promote cell restoration and repair.

Since you spend one-third of your life snoozing anyway, it's worth it to invest in good sheets. With the right bedding, you can better regulate your temperature, improve overall sleep quality and even prevent wrinkles.

What type of sheets are best?

  • Cotton sheets are widely available, affordable and low-maintenance. Sheets made from 100 per cent cotton are hypoallergenic, so they suit almost anyone. However, cotton tends to absorb moisture instead of wicking it away, so it may not be the best choice if you sweat a lot at night.

  • Polyester sheets tend to be affordable and, as they're stain-resistant, are a popular pick for families with small children. However, polyester can cause skin allergies, traps heat and is not eco-friendly.

  • Linen has a natural pH balance and is bacteria-resistant, so it's an excellent pick for those with allergies. Linen is very durable, moisture-resistant and antibacterial. However, linen sheets tend to be more expensive than other materials.

  • A sustainable alternative to silk, bamboo is as breathable and durable as cotton. Bamboo is considered to be one of the most sustainable fabrics and is a safe option for sensitive skin and allergies. Bamboo is a natural thermoregulator and has moisture-wicking properties. However, bamboo sheets can shrink and are prone to wrinkles, so it's important to keep an eye on their washing instructions.

Cozy Earth vs. Hush sheet — how they compare

As a high-maintenance sleeper (pitch black, completely silent, lying horizontally on a bed), I decided to compare two well-known, higher-end bamboo sheet brands to see if they're actually worth their triple-digit price tags: Cozy Earth and Hush.

Should you save, spend, or splurge on sheets? Read on to learn my thoughts.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Shop the Bamboo Sheet Set in 13 colours.

$416 at Cozy Earth
  • Price range: $545-$755 (before discounts)

  • Average rating: 4.9 stars

  • Reviews: 6,500

  • Fabric: 100 per cent viscose from bamboo

  • Care instructions: Cozy Earth sheets are easy to wash and stain resistant. The brand recommends machine washing on cold to prevent shrinkage.

  • The details: Dubbed one of Oprah's Favourite Things, these temperature-regulating sheets are made from 100 per cent premium viscose from bamboo. They feature an oversized fit and get softer with every wash.

  • Promising review: These sheets are a "game-changer," according to one reviewer. "It's so unbelievably soft and doesn't retain heat. For someone going through hot flashes, this is amazing. I literally melt every time I get into bed."

Hush Iced 2.0 Bamboo Cooling Sheets

Shop Hush's Iced Bamboo Cooling Sheets in eight colours.

$239 at Hush
  • Price range: $219-$279 (before discounts)

  • Average rating: 4.8 stars

  • Reviews: 2,600

  • Fabric: 100 per cent organic viscose bamboo

  • Care instructions: Hush recommends washing sheets on gentle with cold water and allowing them to hang dry or tumble dry on low. Hush sheets are wrinkle and pilling-resistant.

  • The details: Hush is a Canadian sleep brand that's perhaps best known for its weighted blankets and appearance on Dragon's Den. The brand's sweat-wicking Iced sheet set is 100 per cent sustainably sourced and has a unique harnessing system that secures each corner of your bed.

  • Promising review: Hush sheets "feel like butter," writes one reviewer. They're "super soft and inviting."

cozy earth Bamboo Sheet Set, HUSH ICED BAMBOO COOLING SHEETS AND PILLOWCASE SET, How do Hush sheets and Cozy Earth sheets compare? (Photos via Hush & Cozy Earth).
How do Hush sheets and Cozy Earth sheets compare? (Photos via Hush & Cozy Earth).

Best price: Hush

Kicking things off with the price, Hush is the obvious winner. Its queen set includes one fitted sheet, one top sheet and two pillowcases and will set you back $239. On the flip side, Oprah-approved Cozy Earth has its own media mogul price tag. Before discounts, a queen set from Cozy Earth will cost you $630 and includes one top sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

Best design: Hush

Aside from their price, a selling point for Hush sheets is their unique harnessing system. The harness is designed to go underneath your mattress so your sheets never slide off your bed. Additionally, each side comes labelled, so there's no guesswork involved for which side goes where.

Most comfortable: Cozy Earth

While both sheet sets are made from 100 per cent viscose from bamboo fabric, the Cozy Earth sheets are silkier, softer and, overall, feel more luxurious. That said — both brands are incredibly comfortable, so comparing them is like comparing a good cup of coffee with a really good cup of coffee. You enjoy both, but you would go out of your way to sleep on Cozy Earth sheets again.

The verdict

Choosing a winner between Hush and Cozy Earth almost requires flipping a coin. If we're basing the decision on comfort alone, Cozy Earth is the winner. I cannot stress how unbelievably comfortable their sheets are — you will never want to sleep on anything else. However, their price is an obvious disadvantage. If you can afford to spend $545-$755 on a pair of sheets, Cozy Earth would get my vote. That said, the Hush sheets are also wonderfully comfortable, have a fantastic design and cost a fraction of Cozy Earth.

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