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The top 12 books about the late Queen Elizabeth

Best books about Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth II lived an extraordinary life, as told through many books. (Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign became a series of superlatives until her death at the age of 96 in September, 2022. As the longest-serving monarch, several books have been written about the late Queen and her dedication to not only serving her country and the Commonwealth, but also as mother of four children, and the matriarch of the wider Royal Family for decades.

From living through and working during the war, to her sudden ascension to the throne after the death of her father King George VI, Elizabeth had already lived through extraordinary circumstances even before she turned 25.

As you can imagine, several authors and biographers couldn’t help but be drawn to both the magisterial and private life of such a recognisable figure, whose stoic sense of duty would symbolise her reign.

Much has been written about Her Majesty over the years, from her relatively carefree childhood, to her Coronation and years of turmoil surrounding the Royal Family, and the latest Queen Elizabeth biography isn't short of a few surreptitious stories from her long and public life.

As the latest in a long line of books about the Queen is released, we've rounded up nine more insightful books about Queen Elizabeth II.

Best books about Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait by Gyles Brandreth | £18.59 at Amazon

Gyles Brandreth first met the late Queen when he was just 20 years old, and over the next 50 years met her several more times both at public and at private events.

Through his close friendship with the Duke of Edinburgh, Brandreth was given privileged access to Elizabeth and recorded each time they met, culminating in a uniquely personal account of the late monarch's life, from her childhood to recent years, including Prince Harry's marriage to Meghan Markle and their subsequent exit from life as working royals.

The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II by Karen Dolby | £6.99 (Was £9.99)

Queen Elizabeth may have been head of state for over 70 years, and committed to her duties as monarch, but she was also known for having a wicked sense of humour, both behind the scenes and, occasionally, in public.

Author Karen Dolby collates amusing quotations and stories about the late royal's life from those who have met her or worked with her in this wholesome look back at Her Majesty's cheeky sense of humour.

Queen of our Times: The Life of Elizabeth II by Robert Hardman
| £10 (Was £20)

Bestselling author Robert Hardman explores the life of the longest reigning British monarch in a compelling and intimate biography.

The well-informed and authoritative story of Elizabeth's life provides a rounded portrait of the late Queen from her accession to the throne as a young mother-of-two in 1952 to the trouble of more recent years, including the Covid-19 pandemic.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Celebration: 70 Years: 1952-2022 by Brian Hoey | £7.99 (Was £9.99)

Although as Heir Presumptive, the young Princess Elizabeth had some law and constitutional history tuition, nothing can fully prepare someone for the responsibilities that come with becoming the monarch.

Brian Hoey's look at the late Queen's life as the sovereign takes in the highs and lows of her 70-year reign. From her ascension to the throne at just 25, with two young children, to the celebration of her Platinum Jubilee earlier this year, Hoey examines her contribution to the UK and the Commmonwealth over the past seven decades.

The Queen by Andrew Morton | £7.99 (Was £20)

The award-winning author of Diana, Her True Story, writer Andrew Morton, takes an intimate look behind the scenes of the late Queen's life, and looks beyond the public lens into her close relationships with both family and friends.

For quite a shy woman, Elizabeth's life was punctuated by the tabloid fodder surrounding her family. From three out of four children divorcing in what she called her 'Annus Horribilis' to refereeing the supposed contention between her grandchildren Prince William and Prince Harry, Morton takes you behind the scenes to uncover the woman and her world.

The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe by Angela Kelly | £12.50 (Was £25)

Angela Kelly worked with the Queen for 28 years, initially as Her Majesty’s senior dresser and then later as one of her personal advisors. With nearly 30 years walking the halls of the Royal Household, Kelly shared a uniquely close working relationship with the Queen and had an intimate view of the monarch's life behind closed doors.

Her Majesty personally gave Kelly her blessing before the publication of her book, The Other Side of the Coin, which shares their extraordinary bond through never-before-seen photographs – many from Kelly’s own private collection – and personal anecdotes that culminate in an intimate portrait of what it was like working so closely with the Queen.

The Queen by Matthew Dennison | £18.75 (Was £25)

Biographer Matthew Dennison traces the highs and lows of the late Queen's reign until her death in September 2022, and the ultimate end of the Elizabethan era.

The Queen provides a balanced view and telling of the late Sovereign's magisterial life, in particular diving into her childhood, and how it shaped her future 70-year reign as Queen.

The Queen and Prince Philip: The Early Years by Helen Cathcart | £9.99

The late Queen Elizabeth was already married with two young children by the time she ascended the throne aged 25 in 1952, and her husband stayed steadfastly by her side throughout the rest of her 70-year reign until his death in April, 2021.

Royal biographer Helen Cathcart reconstructs the early years of Elizabeth and Philip's courtship, from their first meetings when she was just a teenager and he was a Navy cadet, to their lavish 1947 wedding, to parenthood and Elizabeth's coronation and Philip ultimately becoming Prince Consort.

The Queen: 70 Chapters in the Life of Elizabeth II by Ian Lloyd | £12.95 (Was £15.99)

In the year of the Platinum Jubilee, royal biographer Ian Lloyd explores the Queen's relationship with A-list celebrities, politicians and members the Royal Family in The Queen: 70 Chapters in the Life of Elizabeth II.

Specifically, Lloyd draws on interviews with relatives, friends and courtiers to examine her relationship with seven different generations of the Royal Family, from Queen Victoria's children, to her own great-grandchildren.

Winston Churchill & The Queen: An Unlikely Friendship by Oliver Williams | £5.99

Despite a 52-year age gap, Queen Elizabeth II and prime minister Sir Winston Churchill cemented a close working relationship and then friendship as they fought together to bring the United Kingdom out of its post-war slump.

This provides a light-hearted exploration into late Queen's reign and Churchill's premiership and how two people from different generations became such good friends.

The Queen: 70 years of Majestic Style by Bethan Holt | £12.99 (Was £20)

Despite being the monarch, the Queen was rarely able to publicly share her opinion on matters, and turned to using fashion as her voice over her 70-reign. “I must be seen to be believed,” she famously said.

As one of the most famous faces in the world, Elizabeth's style represented an extension of her reign and was a testament to the care and consideration the Queen took in looking the part for a role like no other. The Queen: 70 Years of Majestic Style dives into the archives and looks at the late monarch's life in fashion from princess to pandemic.

Queen Elizabeth (Little People, BIG DREAMS) by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara | £5.99 (Was £9.99)

Perfect for under-eights, the Little People Big Dreams series explores the extraordinary lives of outstanding people through the lens of a young child who once had a dream.

This version on Queen Elizabeth looks at how a young girl fascinated by her dogs and horses became one of the most recognisable figures in the world, and the longest reigning monarch in modern times with quirky illustrations visualising her journey.

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