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Best Buy's top deals are too good to miss — save up to $300 on top-rated tech

Shop discounted TVs, laptops and more at Best Buy Canada.

a bunch of best buy deals
Best Buy has tons of top deals to explore from Apple, Dyson and more. (Photos via Best Buy Canada)

High-quality tech can be pricey, which is why I try my best not to buy devices and electronics at their full price if I can avoid it. This week, I've scoured the internet for top weekend deals and can confirm Best Buy Canada is the place to shop. Need a new laptop, TV or even a vacuum? Their latest round of top deals is hard to pass up — I'm talkin' hundreds of dollars off big-name brands like Dyson, Samsung and more. Some deals could be here today and gone tomorrow, so I'd act fast if you see something you like at a sweet price. Scroll down to check out some top picks that are too good to miss.

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In addition to being an air purifier, this gadget can also help you keep warm or stay cool thanks to its fan and heating functions. It'll detect and trap 99.97% of particles to keep your air as clean as it can be.

$700 at Best Buy Canada

Whip up a tasty cup of coffee or espresso with this Vertuo machine. You'll no longer feel inclined to spend all your money at Starbucks drive-thrus with the rich, bold flavours of Nespresso.

$130 at Best Buy Canada

With this all-in-one PC, you'll experience smooth, fast and lag-free performance. It also promises great visual clarity, so you can have a crystal-clear experience while computing. 

$1,000 at Best Buy Canada

These over-ear headphones are noise-cancelling, so you can tune out the world around you. They're lightweight, making them comfortable to wear for long periods.

$100 at Best Buy Canada

This 2-in-1 laptop delivers the best of both worlds — it features a touchscreen tablet built into the top half while also functioning as a regular laptop.

$800 at Best Buy Canada

Kick back with this iPad and watch your favourite shows, play games, draw, write notes — just do whatever you want, basically. It's the perfect travel companion to keep you entertained on long journeys.

$400 at Best Buy Canada

This Dyson vacuum will run up to 60 minutes on one charge, so you can go through a cleaning session without disruptions. Plus, it'll adjust its suction depending on how dirty your floors are.

$800 at Best Buy Canada

Step up your viewing experience with this 4K smart TV — you can expect crisp visuals that'll make you feel immersed in your favourite movies.

$2,500 at Best Buy Canada

Whether you workout or not, it's always handy to have a massage gun around. It'll help soothe your sore muscles when you don't have the time (or the luxury) to book a full-body massage!

$110 at Best Buy Canada

The LED digital display is touchscreen and offers ten smart menu presets for quick and easy cooking. And the capacity of this air fryer can serve three to five people.

$70 at Best Buy Canada

This mini handheld vacuum will lend a hand in cleaning up all your little messes and reach the nooks and crannies your big vacuum can't.

$100 at Best Buy Canada

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