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The 10+ best November video game deals — score up to 60% off

These games are perfect for binging during post-Thanksgiving.
We've got a looong Thanksgiving weekend coming up. Why let the bingeing stop at the dinner table?

It has been a great year for gamers. With most of the major releases available now, there are probably a few you have your eye on. Cyberfunk Bomb Rush, maybe? Or perhaps you haven't yet sunk your teeth into the banquet that is Baldur's Gate 3. Whatever your fancy, we've pulled together some of this month's best video game deals (including early Black Friday sales!). Catch deep discounts on narrative games like Syberia 3 for just $6, or step into the shoes of your favorite Marvel heroes with Midnight Suns. Want something chaotic and unhinged? There's always XIII for $20. Ready? Scroll on to grab the best deals for Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox.

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Step back into the shoes of Master Chief and fight the forces of the Covenant once more — but this time, it's personal. 

$18 at Walmart
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$25 at Amazon$60 at HSN

One dedicated fan said, "The campaign is amazingly good, with a great storyline and amazing graphics. I also love the open world setting, but you can still fight your way through the main story as well. This was one of the best Halo games, very enjoyable!"

Build a team of your favorite heroes and fight your way through Lilith's hordes. This is a darker, more gritty Marvel game than you might be used to, but fans can't stop singing its praises. 

$30 at Walmart

"Great game, love the Marvel series. This is a must-have," one player said.

A narrative-driven game, Syberia 3 is the latest (and possibly final) entry in the Syberia franchise.

$17 at Walmart
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$14 at Newegg

Syberia 3 is a puzzle game that's more focused on telling a story than presenting the player with challenges, but it's still a worthwhile adventure that differentiates itself from the first two games in the franchise. At just $6, what do you have to lose?

If you're looking for another game to give you an experience like Bioshock, Atomic Heart is a great place to start — this single-player gem will keep you hooked for hours. 

$42 at Amazon

"Great game, I loved the graphics. I would recommend playing it if you loved Bioshock Infinite," one player said.

If Civilization and Sim City had a baby, it would be Anno 1800.

$28 at Walmart

If you're itching for an in-depth city builder, you won't find a better game than Anno 1800. Plan out huge cities and logistic networks as you expand your towns and settle new lands. You can dominate opponents through warfare or with your mercantile prowess. This is designed for console play, so it's not nearly as demanding as the PC version — but it's just as fun.

Take on the role of a guide for the deceased in this gentle, charming game.

$15 at Walmart
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$20 at Amazon$21 at Target

Spiritfarer is a cozy game about death. You take on the role of Stella, a girl who makes the idea of passing over as comfortable as possible. Ferry spirits around on your boat, fish for their favorite snacks (or hidden treasure) and so much more. But fair warning — this game can tug at the heartstrings.

It's the Madden you know and love, but with brand-new tech that makes the players' motions even more realistic and lifelike than before. Battle your way through the season and come out on top with your favorite team. 

$35 at Amazon
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$30 at Walmart$50 at HSN

"I bought this for my boyfriend, as I usually buy Madden for him every year. I don’t play myself but the graphics and gameplay seem to be sharper each time a new one comes out. I love football myself and always feel like a game is on every time he plays," said one girlfriend.

Get up on stage and shake it for all you're worth with this over-the-top action game. If you remember the old Samba de Amigo titles from the Dreamcast era, this is like a deep, satisfying breath of nostalgia.

$29 at Amazon
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$20 at Walmart$29 at Target

One player wrote, "Wow, Didn’t expect much from this title. I’ve been playing since the Dreamcast days and I’ve gotta say they went above and beyond with the details, and the tracks are immense fun. My wife and I have been playing it since the day it released. I’m not one for these games, honestly. The rhythm game, the mini games, the music — honestly, Sega did it again. Get this if you need a little rhythm in your life. You can FULLY customize your character with endless options that you get by spending coins, You get those coins through gameplay and not DLC."

If you took Metroid and made it a rogue-like, you'd get Returnal. It's punishingly difficult, but with a gentle enough learning curve that the game is approachable even by less skilled players. 

$48 at Walmart
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$48 at Amazon$49 at Adorama

"Wow. The game is fun and beautiful. Amazing atmosphere . The sound is off-the-charts good. It's smooth as butter at launch. Housemarque has outdone themselves. It’s hard at first (well, it’s hard throughout the game in spots), but fun!" one player said.

In the first true open-world Sonic game, explore five different islands and blaze at super speed across the landscape. 

$32 at Walmart
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$29 at Amazon$40 at Macy's

"My 5-year-old loves this game! He is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan so he's always playing this on his Nintendo switch! It's pretty easy for him to play and understand directions. Well worth the price.

In the critically acclaimed sequel to A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you'll explore never-before-seen areas of Hyrule and once more take up the legendary blade against an ancient evil.

$55 at Walmart

Tears of the Kingdom is an incredible follow-up to Breath of the Wild and builds upon and improves the foundation that game created. The new mechanics are very fun to use and allows you to solve puzzles in interesting ways every single time. Fusing Items is super fun and spices up the combat." Thus said one five-star reviewer.

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