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I spend hours on Etsy — 11 seriously cool items I've added to my spring wish list

I spend hours on Etsy — here are 11 items on my spring wish list under $150.

etsy collage of mushroom jewellery holder, squiggle mirror, gardening gloves, vase, tomato dish, phone case, candles on pink background
11 cute Etsy finds that have made their way to my spring wish list (photos via Etsy)

Like many others who have spent the past decade on Pinterest, my eye for home decor has grown from its suburban Ikea origins to a genuine appreciation of different furniture and decor styles.

I could (and do) spend countless hours perusing home decor online, which is why Etsy has earned a special place in my heart. The retailer has thousands of decor and furniture pieces up for grabs, and unlike many of its competitors, not all of them cost an arm and a leg.

For my fellow home & living lovers, I went on Etsy and found 11 cute items for spring worthy of your wish list. And best of all — they're all under $150. For birthdays, Mother's Day, Easter, just-because gifts and beyond, check out my picks below.

Moroccan Checkered Pouf

Moroccan Checkered Pouf in red and beige in living roof with rug, chair, plant and mirror (photo via Etsy)
Moroccan Checkered Pouf (photo via Etsy)

Give your space a pop of colour via this "showstopping" Berber checker ottoman. It's "clearly so well made and super comfy," says one shopper. It "makes the living room that much more alive."

$138 $229 at Etsy

Woodland Mushroom Jewelry Dish

Woodland Mushroom Jewelry Dishes with spotted red bowl and white stalk bottom (photo via Etsy)
Woodland Mushroom Jewelry Dish (photo via Etsy)

Not to exaggerate, but this might be the cutest jewelry dish on the internet. These unique little dishes are available in two sizes and, according to shoppers, "look even better in person."

$36 at Etsy

Squiggle Frame

white and purple Squiggle Frame with renaissance woman in picture (photo via Etsy)
Squiggle Frame (photo via Etsy)

How cool is this? This funky squiggle frame is designed and fabricated in Copenhagen and features lightweight shatter and scratch-resistant acrylic to hold your photo, poster or print in place.

$35 $46 at Etsy

New Lavender Gardening Gloves

New Lavender Gardening Gloves with purple flower art and green leaves (photo via Etsy)
New Lavender Gardening Gloves (photo via Etsy)

These adorable gardening gloves aren't the only ones available from the My Little Belleville Etsy shop. Green-thumbers can also pick up a pair embroidered with mushrooms, marigolds, carrots and more.

$26 $33 at Etsy

Personalised Initial iPhone Case

Personalised Large Initial iPhone Case with printed letters on phone cases (photo via Etsy)
Personalised Large Initial iPhone Case (photo via Etsy)

These custom phone cases are a hit among Etsy shoppers, racking up more than 500 reviews. "The quality is amazing," writes one user. "The colours are super saturated and the case is super durable." To shop more custom phone cases, AirPod cases and more, click here.

$34 at Etsy

Cowboy Boot Match Striker

Cowboy Boot Match Strikers in white with yellow, pink and red hearts on pink background (photo via Etsy)
Cowboy Boot Match Striker (photo via Etsy)

This cute little match striker is the perfect gift for the person who has it all. The handmade striker comes gift-ready in a small box with a matchbox and crinkle paper.

$43 at Etsy

Ceramic Vegetable Plates

Ceramic Vegetable Plates in tomato, onion, radish bowls on pink table  (photo via Etsy)
Ceramic Vegetable Plates (photo via Etsy)

Getting in your eight a day seems easier when your veggies are served in these cute ceramic dishes. They're "even cuter in person," writes one shopper. "I love [them]!"

$34 $38 at Etsy

Hand-Decorated Taper Candle Set

Hand-Decorated Taper Candle Set with painted flowers on tall white candles in pink floral bowl (photo via Etsy)
Hand-Decorated Taper Candle Set (photo via Etsy)

These stunning taper candles have a burn time of six hours — if you choose to burn them (I wouldn't). Etsy shoppers call them the "prettiest candles [they have] ever seen!"

$41 at Etsy

Abstract Twisted Glass Flower Vase

Abstract Twisted Glass Flower Vase in green and pink against light blue background (photo via Etsy)
Abstract Twisted Glass Flower Vase (photo via Etsy)

These funky twisted vases have earned rave reviews from Etsy shoppers. They're "beautiful pieces" that "create texture and interest in the room," writes one shopper. They're "also so pretty when the sunlight bounces and refracts from the vase," they say.

$40 at Etsy

You Look Good Square Mirror Decal

You Look Good Square Mirror Decal in red on mirror (photo via Etsy)
You Look Good Square Mirror Decal (photo via Etsy)

An easy and hassle-free way to spruce up your bathroom, bedroom or vanity, this mirror decal has earned dozens of five-star reviews from Etsy shoppers.

$9 at Etsy

Floral Checkered Cotton Towel

Floral Checkered Soft Breathable Cotton Towel on desk with croissant and cup of coffee (photo via Etsy)
Floral Checkered Soft Breathable Cotton Towel (photo via Etsy)

Etsy shoppers say these cotton terry towels are "so cute, super soft and the perfect size."

$27 at Etsy

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