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18 best gift ideas for new moms & dads that are as practical as they are thoughtful

Whether you're shopping for a first-time parent or a juggler of multiples, these are the best (and most practical) gifts for new moms and dads this Christmas.

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Best gifts for new parents in 2023 (photos via Ritual, Skims, Wonderbly, Best Buy Canada, Lululemon, Amazon & Nutrafol).

I won't even pretend to know what raising a child is like. As someone still firmly planted in her "I go on dates" phase, you will not find any bottles, diapers or pacifiers in my home. However, many people in my life have crossed over to their baby-making eras, subsequently fuelling conversations about said bottles, diapers and pacifiers. This holiday season, I asked the new moms and new dads in my life one important question: what are great gift ideas for new parents? To read what they said and treat the new (and probably tired) mom or dad in your life to a Christmas gift they will actually appreciate, shop our suggestions below.

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Best gifts that are (mostly) for the baby

Diaper Genie

A Diaper Genie is "super convenient to have in reach," said one mom of a four-month-old. "Don't forget to add Diaper Genie refills because you will go through them quickly."

Take fewer trips to the trash can with this all-in-one diaper pail.

$55 at Amazon

Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit

The same Diaper Genie friend suggested new parents look into a newborn handprint or footprint kit. "This is because a lot of people don't think about this until their kid gets bigger, and then it feels too late," she said.

This keepsake photo frame is a thoughtful gift idea for a newborn.

$37 at Amazon

20-in-1 Baby Nail Clippers

"Baby nails are super sharp and they're constantly scratching their faces," another parent told me. "[Electronic nail trimmers] are less intimidating than traditional nail clippers."

This baby-friendly nail trimmer comes backed by more than 27,000 reviews.

$19 at Amazon

Wonderbly Personalized Books

While I'm not a parent, I am an auntie, and all of my littles have received their very own Wonderbly book. These customizable storybooks are too cute to boot and come in options for newborns, toddlers, big kids and more.

Wonderbly has dozens of personalized book options available for little readers.

$53 at Wonderbly

Dreambaby Room and Bath Thermometer

A baby bath thermometer is "great if you're clueless about how warm the bath water should be," one parent told me. This "Amazon's Choice" duck thermometer is cute enough to be your child's new favourite toy while simultaneously providing accurate and updated temperature readings every 10 seconds.

This "Amazon's Choice" thermometer has earned 2,200+ reviews.

$14 at Amazon

hahaland 4-in-1 High Contrast Baby Flash Cards

"Babies are practically blind when they're born, which I didn't know," one friend told me (well, not blind, but your baby sees things best from 8 to 12 inches away, according to Kid's Health. "These high-contrast flash cards help stimulate their vision."

This four-in-one set includes flash cards for little ones ages 0-36 months. 

$28 at Amazon

Bright Starts Playful Pinwheels Bouncer

My sister, a mother of four, swears by a vibrating bouncer. It helps soothe a fussy baby and is extra helpful if you have multiples, she said. Plus, it's "really easy to move from room to room with baby inside.

This "Amazon's Choice" bouncer has more than 6,400 reviews.

$52 at Amazon

Hatch Rest Go Portable Sound Machine

This portable sound machine offers soothing sleep sounds for babies on the go, so you're no longer nap-trapped. The device has 10 sounds to choose from, including ocean, heartbeat and white noise, and doesn't require an app, wifi or Bluetooth connection to work.

Shop the Hatch Rest Go in five colours.

$50 at Amazon

Portable Diaper Changing Pad

A portable changing station is a must, especially if you want to leave your house, one new mom told me. "I have taken her to so many places where there are no changing tables available," she said. "And even when there is a changing table available, this one is comfortable and you know who's touched it."

Kopi Baby's portable changing station has over 5,000 reviews on Amazon.

$25 at Amazon

Best gifts that are (mostly) for mom and dad

According to my sister, a mom of four under seven, the best gift you can give to a new parent is something meant for them, not the baby. “I appreciate it regardless,” she said. “But you sometimes feel like an afterthought once there’s a new baby. Everyone wants to buy you baby PJs or a stuffed animal, but moms would appreciate a moms-only gift, too.” With that said, here are gifts with new parents in mind.

Uber & Uber Eats Gift Card

Out of all the parents I polled, an Uber Eats or similar meal delivery gift card was the most recommended gift. "I am so hungry all of the time and obsessed with food," said one breastfeeding mom. "Uber Eats is perfect."

Best Buy Canada

Shop in denominations of $50 to $500.

$50 at Best Buy Canada

Pay for a one-time house clean

For new parents, a clean home often falls to the bottom of the priority list. Therefore, several moms and dads suggested a one-time paid-for house cleaning as a thoughtful and practical gift idea. If you're based in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto, AspenClean is a great option. If not, Molly Maid services more locations across Canada. To get a price estimate from AspenClean, enter your postal code and fill out a few details of your home to receive a customized quotation.

To get an estimate, enter your postal code and fill out a few details of your home to receive a customized quotation.

Price varies at AspenClean

Postnatal Multivitamin

If you just had a baby, your body has been through the ringer. This Postnatal Multivitamin from Ritual is formulated with key nutrients for postpartum moms, with added support for lactation. Check out The Postpartum from Bird & Be for a slightly more affordable option.

Get 25 per cent off your first month by entering RITUAL25 at checkout.

$56 at Ritual

New Parent Backpack

Parents have a lot to carry. And while traditional diaper bags are an option, many brands are now introducing bags that serve double-duty, like Lululemon's fan-favourite New Parent Backpack. To read why the backpack is worth the cost (from an actual parent), click here.

Shop the New Parent Backpack 17L in three colours.

$218 at Lululemon

Pyjama Set

"I had no desire to wear real clothes," one new mom told me about her postpartum experience. "I lived in PJs and sweats." This size-inclusive sleep set from Skims is made with ultra-soft modal ribbed fabric that's comfortable and sleek enough to double as real clothes in a pinch. For more budget-friendly options, we suggest checking out H&M, Simons and Victoria's Secret.

Shop Skims' Soft Lounge Sleep Set in sizes XXS to 4X.

$196 at Skims

Nutrafol Postpartum

If your strands aren't what they used to be, this daily hair growth supplement for postpartum women may be a godsend. The OBGYN-developed and breastfeeding-friendly formula targets the root causes of postpartum thinning and helps promote thicker, fuller hair.

This hair growth supplement is OBGYN-developed and breastfeeding-friendly.

$79 at Nutrafol

Ember Smart Temperature Control Mug 2

As any new parent or child-minder can attest: drinking piping hot coffee is a rarely-experienced luxury. The solution (other than a babysitter) is Ember's temperature control smart mug. This high-tech mug can keep tea, coffee and hot chocolate hot for hours on end so you don't have to keep running to the microwave to reheat your brew.

This 295ml (10 oz.) smart mug will retain the heat of your coffee, tea, or other drink for up to 1.5 hours or all day on the charging coaster.

$170 at Best Buy Canada

Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

The bathrobe to end all bathrobes. Parachute's Cloud Cotton Robe features fluffy four-ply gauze, a snug waist tie and two hidden side pockets. The reviewer-loved robe is made from premium 100 per cent long-staple Turkish cotton and comes in seven colours.

Shop Parachute's Cloud Cotton Robe in seven colours.

$149 at Parachute

Kangaroo Hoodie

This innovative men's hoodie features a zip-on carrier pouch that's designed to fit comfortably over a baby carrier. When your little one gets too big or it's time to move to the stroller, the pouch zips off again, leaving you with a high-quality, comfortable hoodie.

This dad-friendly hoodie is made from a thick sweatshirt cotton blend.

$162 at Etsy

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