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May the 4th be with you! To celebrate, shop the 15+ best Star Wars sales

Let the Force guide you to these Star Wars Day sales. (Photo: Amazon)
Let the Force guide you to these Star Wars Day sales. (Photo: Amazon)

May the Force (and May the 4th) be with you! Today is Star Wars Day, and to celebrate, we've rounded up the best deals on everything from Funko Pops to video games and anything in between. We might even be able to score you a discount on Bantha Milk, though that import fee from Tatooine is pretty rough. Score major savings on this Mandalorian-themed Echo Dot stand for just $13, or enjoy a family game night with Star Wars Clue for just $40.

Quick Overview
  • Funko Pop! Grogu with Cookies

    Save $7
  • Star Wars Darth Vader/Stormtrooper Argyle Men's Crew Socks

    Save $10
  • Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

    Save $9
  • Grogu AirPod Case

  • R2-D2 Tamagotchi

    Save $8
  • The Mandalorian: The Child Stand for Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

    Save $13
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight Collection for PlayStation 4

    Save $10
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for PlayStation 5

    Save $20
  • Star Wars L0-LA59 (Lola) Animatronic Edition Figure

    Save $52
  • Hasbro Clue Game: Star Wars Edition

    Save $34
  • Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter

    Save $10
  • Star Wars Death Star Cheese Board and Knife Set

    Save $15
  • Star Wars Lightsaber Forge Inquisitor Customizable Electronic Lightsaber

    Save $17
  • Lego Star Wars Death Star Trench Run Diorama

    Save $14
  • Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship

    Save $69
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Yoda is cute no matter his age, and Mandalorian fans will love this Grogu pop, especially at this price.
$6 at Amazon

One fan said, "This Grogu is even better than the pictures... This is such a cute addition to your Star Wars Pops!"

Your feet need protection when you're trudging through the swamps of Dagobah. Make sure you do it in style with these socks.
$10 at Amazon

One customer said, "I wear a size 13 (mens) shoe, so finding themed socks is difficult. I can usually fit into most of the "Men's 6-12" socks, but they are often a little difficult to get on. These, however, I have no problem with. They go on with zero difficulty and are very comfy. I will definitely be looking for this brand in the future."

Use the force to pick up your noodles — and if that doesn't work, then these lightsaber-themed chopsticks will also work.
$11 at Amazon

"These were a gift and an amazing one! They are bright and fun and the kids love them! They are great for mini lightsaber wars, or sitting down to a bowl of Ramen or any other food. They are easy to clean and operate. the battery compartment on a couple was a little loose, but other than that they are great. Makes a great housewarming gift for the Jedi in your life," said one reviewer.

Is it officially licensed? No. Is it adorable? You better believe it. If you use AirPods and call yourself a Star Wars fan, then you'll appreciate this silicone carrying case.
$12 at Amazon

"I lose my AirPods case — a lot. My spouse grew tired of me complaining about my constant misplacing of said case and purchased this outstanding Grogu case. I no longer lose my AirPods case or annoy my spouse. This is the way," said one aspiring Mando.

Teach R2-D2 19 different skills and unlock seven different mini-games in this Star Wars-themed twist on the classic Tamagotchi experience.
$12 at Amazon

"R2D2 is a cute little Tamagotchi," said one shopper. "His little sounds are honestly precious. The games are cute and fast, and his different forms are fun! I’m always a little excited to see what he upgrades next. I worried about him dying overnight, but he reliably goes to sleep around 10 PM and is still around when I wake up at 7. Highly recommended!"

Does your Echo Dot lack flair? It won't if you pick up this Mandalorian-themed Echo Dot stand while it's 50% off.
$12 at Amazon

One shopper said, "If you have an Echo Dot and you like Star Wars, or at least The Mandalorian, you'll want this. I have several Echo Dots in my house, and this is perfect for the one in the den, which is decked out in Star Wars stuff. Very cool."

Play two classic games in one, experiencing the over-the-top gameplay and narrative storyline of both Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.
$20 at Amazon

"Surprised how good this was. I'm now at the age in life where I can go back and appreciate the nostalgia of playing games from when I was a kid and seriously wonder how I ever defeated them in the first place. Oh! Cheats! Excellent," one player said. "So much easier than trying to get it to run on a modern PC, the PS4 port did a great job of making games from my childhood available to play on a modern TV. Not too shabby."

The sequel just released, which makes this sale the perfect time to explore the story of a new Jedi on the run from the Empire. It's a fast-paced, challenging, and entertaining adventure you don't want to miss.
$30 at Amazon

"Recently concluded play of this game. It was fantastic with a really good storyline taking place... Gameplay and mechanics were well contrived, which can be a real challenge at times depending on the level played. I think some of the negative reviews about the swordplay with a lightsaber being simplified are unfair (maybe not playing on a difficult enough level?)... Anyway, good story and overall good game," one gamer said.

This animatronic droid toy comes with more than 45 lights, sounds, and movement combos, as well as three different play modes. It's a great toy for kids, but it's also cool just to have on display.
$38 at Amazon

"She makes the sounds and movements from the show and accurate lighting, It's just fun to have around. This was a gift for my wife and she adores it! She keeps it on her desk and turns it on every morning to play around with it. I only wish it had a rechargeable battery built-in instead of taking four AA batteries. Great for a Star Wars fan!" said one shopper.

It's all the classic fun of Clue, just in a galaxy far, far away.
$36 at Amazon

"We're a big Star Wars family, so when I found this while searching for a classic Clue game, we had to try it. The game follows the same basic principle of figuring out three items, but in this game, you have to figure out (1) in which room in the Death Star plans are hidden, (2) which planet Darth Vader is going to destroy with the Death Star, and (3) what vehicle you will use to escape the Death Star... It's a heck of a lot of fun, and we love playing it," said one player.

Few Lego sets are as iconic as Luke's X-Wing. This one comes with 474 pieces and a lot of detail that make it stand out.
$40 at Amazon

"This Lego set can make a nice little gift or for yourself. It’s easy enough to put together and it looks great. The wings open and close, the cockpit opens to sit Luke in there and there’s space for R2D2 to be placed. It’s a great addition to anyone’s collection," one builder mentioned.

Entertain in style with this Star Wars-themed charcuterie board set, complete with cheese knives and spreaders.
$40 at Amazon

"I purchased this beautiful Death Star cheese board for a friend for her birthday. She’s a huge Star Wars fan! She absolutely loved it! The construction is well done. It’s very sturdy and the wood grain and carvings are very detailed and beautiful. I would purchase this again, hands down! I’m not even a Star Wars fan and I want one," quipped a shopper.

Inspired by the sabers seen in Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+, this toy lets you customize your lightsaber to your liking. The pieces are compatible with all Lightsaber Forge products.
$50 at Walmart

"My kids absolutely love it! It's a great-quality lightsaber. It makes sounds as you move it around, just like the real thing! The lights are bright enough to feel like you are one of the Star Wars characters! I am impressed with the technology they put into this," one parent said.

Relive (and recreate) the classic scene where Luke claims a majority victory against the Empire.
$56 at Amazon

"I got two of these - one for me and one for a family member. We had a great time putting them together. Loved the details on the X-Wing, including the little R2 tile. The diorama versions that Lego is releasing are very nice because they present well on a shelf," said a fan.

For the discerning Star Wars and Lego fan, this Republic Gunship model takes a lot of work to put together (especially with 3292 pieces), but will show off your dedication and fandom like little else.
$331 at Amazon

"Yeah, it's expensive, I get it. I bought this for my 12-year old who loves Legos and Star Wars. He mentioned that this would be so cool to build so I bought it for a Christmas present. The look on his face was worth the price of the set. He was so excited!" one parent said. "We worked his tail off and built this in two days over the Christmas break from school. No missing pieces, the instructions were complete and easy to follow as always...even for a 12-year-old! This set now has a place of honor with his other Lego sets."

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