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Bethenny Frankel says this 'shower scarf' made her skin as soft as a baby's bottom: 'This product is a game changer'

Combat dry, rough winter skin with this genius exfoliating shower scarf that shoppers love.

If you're not following former RHONY Bethenney Frankel on social media, then you should be. Her commentary on everything from food to fashion and beauty is downright hilarious. Take her recent TikTok review of Hanni's Shower Scarf that has more than 340,000 views, for example. In the video, Frankel raves that this game-changing product made her skin as soft as a baby's bottom.

It seems Frankel's video was convincing because the shower scarf is currently sold out on the brand's website. But good news: There's still a way for you to get your hands on it. Order Hanni's everything shower kit and you'll get the Frankel-approved shower scarf along with a serum body cleanser and an in-shower moisture treatment. The shower scarf is also included in the Hanniwhere set and the Hanni trial set.

Upgrade your daily shower or bath routine with this luxurious beauty set from Hanni that includes the exfoliating shower scarf, a bar body cleanser that's soap-free — and gentle enough for sensitive skin — and a moisture treatment that keeps your skin soft and hydrated for hours.

$64 at Hanni

If you're wondering what's so great about the "body scarf" Frankel raves about in her TikTok video, it's the exfoliating texture. Frankel compares it to a Korean body scrub where "sheets of your skin come off [and] you go from lizard to luxurious in minutes."

In the video, Frankel goes on to demonstrate how she uses the shower scarf to exfoliate her back and her feet. She ends the video by praising the product for taking your feet and your whole body from dry to soft after just one use in the bath.

hanni shower kit
hanni shower kit

Frankel isn't the only shopper who has great things to say about the Hanni shower scarf and the other products in the everything shower kit. The set has nearly 300 reviews on the brand's website and a 4.8 out of 5 star rating.

"[I] have never found a product that I loved to use on my skin so much in the shower," one shopper wrote. "This paired with the shower scarf from Hanni is life-changing. My skin has never been smooth[er] or softer!"

Another shopper commented, "I am hooked on the shower scarf. It isn't irritating at all. I use way less soap with this accessory."

Frankel does warn that the rough texture of the shower scarf may be off-putting to people with certain sensory sensitivities, so that's important to keep that in mind before making your purchase.

Shoppers of all ages rave about the Hanni everything shower kit. One shopper wrote, "What a wonderful and unique product. [It's] easy to use and my skin was soft and not greasy at all after the shower. [I] enjoyed the experience."

$64 at Hanni

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