Beyoncé Loves This Restaurant So Much, She Put It In The 'Cowboy Carter' Album Art

a person holding a plate of food
The Restaurant Beyoncé Hypes Up In 'Cowboy Carter'Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy / Uchi

With the release of Beyoncé's new album Cowboy Carter, the Houston, Texas-born singer has put a spotlight on everything from the origins of country music to "that hussy with the good hair." But it's her album art that includes an unexpected (and pretty sweet) highlight.

Visitors to likely spotted photos of two delicious-looking desserts. It turns out that the pair of desserts featured in the flicks are the fried milk dessert and warm banana cake with Kahlúa ice cream from Uchi, a popular West Hollywood sushi hot spot.

Rolling Stone confirmed that Beyoncé, who possibly snapped the photos of the two menu items herself, dined at the restaurant on St. Patrick's Day.

Uchi also shared the news of the sighting on Instagram, giddily writing "No big deal, just @beyonce at #UchiWeHo for act ii COWBOY CARTER 🐎 (We always knew the fried milk was a star, but we’re glad Queen Bey approves too.)"

Ariana Quant, Uchi’s executive pastry chef, was thrilled after the photos of the desserts surfaced on Beyoncé's website.

“I let out a slight yelp and immediately showed my fiancé and we gushed for a few minutes before I shared with my sisters and friends,” Quant told Rolling Stone. The chef added that she hoped Beyoncé shared the desserts "because she loved it and had a memorable dinner.”

Uchi, which has restaurants in several U.S. cities, describes itself as offering "a delicate balance of elevated non‑traditional Japanese cuisine and impeccable service." Additional Uchi locations can be found in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, and Scottsdale.

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