Big Boys stars Dylan Llewellyn and Jon Pointing on series 2, the cast, and more

Big Boys
Dylan wears top by J. Lindeberg. Jon wears top by Le Fleur* X Lacoste at Selfridges (Image: Massimiliano Giorgeschi)

The stars of Big Boys have opened up about returning for series 2, meeting the cast, and the show’s themes.

Dylan Llewellyn and Jon Pointing, who play Jack and Danny, respectively joined Attitude as they appeared on the the January/February issue cover, available now.

Speaking about coming back for series 2 Pointing said “It was just really enjoyable,” having already established friendships and connections. “Both shoots were so fun,” added Llewellyn.

“You just savour it all a bit more. The first time round you’re all just a bit in the headlights, you’re just trying to get through it,” said Pointing. “I love it when we do scenes together, especially when we’re just sat down and maybe Katy Wix is being funny and we can sit there and laugh.”

“You just delve deeper into the characters’ lives” – Big Boys‘ Dylan Llewellyn

In terms of the series two plot, Pointing also explained that the world of Big Boys has been “filled out more.” The second series sees characters get more backstory and character development, especially Danny as we meet more of his family.

“You just delve deeper into the characters’ lives and you see more the arc of their story. And with Jack, you see a bit more of a mature version of Jack. He’s learning so much more and coming out of his shell more,” said Llewellyn.

On representing gay-straight relationships, Pointing told Attitude it’s the bit of the show he felt most connected to. Commenting how his relationships with his LGBTQ+ friends are different “in a great way” from others, Pointing then said it was “nice to represent that relationship.” Llewellyn agreed adding the relationship dynamic between Jack and Danny is still a rarity on TV. “It’s just true, it’s true to life.”

Touching on the show’s themes of mental health Pointing said people had reached out to him based on his character’s experiences. “It’s just common,” chimed Llewellyn. He also said: “It’s really important that that stuff is being shown. I think Jon portrays it so well.”

Big Boys is streaming now.

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