The Biggest Mistake You're Making When Microwaving Pasta

pasta going into microwave
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Ah, microwaves! Is there anything this fairly modern invention can't cook up? We can chalk dry pasta up as one of those things you probably didn't know that you could cook in the microwave, at least until now. However, you may find that your noodles aren't turning out quite how you would like them.

Getting perfect results using a microwave can be difficult. It is true that microwave food may not taste as good as that cooked on the stove, due to the food's molecular structure degrading. However, you shouldn't blame your microwave for that ruined spaghetti. If the pasta ends up a bit too doughy, or worse, a mushy blob, then it's very possible that you're overcooking your dish.

Instead of turning the microwave on and letting your pasta cook to completion, you should stop the microwave at intervals to stir and also check on your noodles. Doing so should lead to a finished product worth serving for dinner. You see, noodles typically cook at a rolling boil of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, microwaves can reach a much higher temperature depending on wattage, so it's very easy to end up roasting your noodles instead of properly cooking them.

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How To Cook Noodles In The Microwave

macaroni in microwave
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Overcooking is the biggest mistake you can make because it's very difficult to fix a mushy noodle. At least, it is without breaking out the skillet and sautéing your overdone noodles. The best treatment here is prevention. It's important to note that the microwave itself should have very little effect on the quality of your noodles. Foods that are high in water content hold up better in the microwave.

In order to properly cook your noodles, put them in a microwave-safe bowl and fill with water until the pasta is completely submerged. From there, you will want to stop the microwave every minute or two to stir. As for cooking time, it really depends on the type of noodle, but on average it takes around 10 to 15 minutes to cook pasta in the microwave. So, in terms of speed, it's not that convenient.

Taking your time will ensure a quality noodle, which you can then combine with a sauce of your choice. You may also want to let the water boil first before adding the pasta to aid the cooking process.

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