Billie razor brand is encouraging women to grow their mustaches for Movember

Female-first razor brand, Billie, is encouraging women to participate in Movember. (Photo: Billie)
Female-first razor brand, Billie, is encouraging women to participate in Movember. (Photo: Billie)

Shave and body brand, Billie, has a reputation for challenging beauty standards when it comes to female body hair. And in its latest campaign the brand is pushing the envelope even further by encouraging women to embrace their hair by participating in Movember.

The global charity, which traditionally challenges men to grow a mustache in an effort to raise money and bring awareness to prostate cancer, has yet to be marketed by a female-first brand. Now, Billie has started their own Team Billie Movember campaign where it has encouraged women to grow out their mustaches and to donate to the cause.

“Newsflash: women have mustaches,” the Team Billie page reads. “We’ve been trained to hide them — wax them, bleach them, shave them — but that doesn’t make them any less real. Fuzzy and faint or dark and dazzling, they’re there. So this Movember, we’re growing out our (formerly) top-secret upper lip hair.”

According to the brand’s motivation statement, the woman-focused brand is “thrilled to support the men in our lives” and has promised to match 100 percent of contributions up to $50,000. Billie has also created a video to go along with the campaign, which features women showing off their ‘staches.

When posted to the brand’s Instagram account, the campaign received a ton of support from those who expressed their love for the company and its body positive mission.

“You guys are the coolest,” one person commented, while another wrote, “So happy to support this company.”

“No one should be required to remove something from themselves to be loved,” one follower added.

However, the brand’s Facebook post received some push back from people who decided to criticize the campaign.

“No...just stop,” one person wrote on the post. “I can’t tell if this is real or satire.”

Still, Billie encourages women to donate, whether participating in growing a ‘stache or not.

“We support all of Womankind — shaggy, smooth, or anything in-between,” the motivation statement reads.

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