Influencer pens honest Mother's Day message: 'Motherhood is not being with your kids'

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Sarah Nicole Landry shares a powerful message with fans about the 'nuances' of motherhood. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Create & Cultivate)
Sarah Nicole Landry shares a powerful message with fans about the 'nuances' of motherhood. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Create & Cultivate)

Sarah Nicole Landry is receiving praise from followers for her honest take on motherhood.

The Canadian influencer, also known as The Birds Papaya, took to Instagram on Sunday to share a sweet photo with one of her daughters.

In the caption, the Guelph, Ont.-based content creator penned a powerful message about what it means to be a mom.

"Motherhood is not being with your kids," Landry wrote, before clarifying that motherhood is "not JUST being with your kids," and adding that being a mother "does not begin and end" with being with your children physically."

Landry, who was a stay at home mom for 10 years before launching a successful career as an influencer and podcaster, told followers that motherhood extends into every aspect of her life — even when working.

"Motherhood, I have learned, is a constant. When I leave on a work trip motherhood does not stay on the other side of the door," the mother-of-four wrote. "On one plane ride alone I fielded about 45 different calls of action from the kids. Emails with teachers. E-signing documents. Scheduling their care, rides to and from places and dropping at least three balls. I’m a mother. Not a juggler."

"The Papaya Podcast" host said she often relies on her own mother to help her— proof that motherhood shifts and changes, but never ends, even when your children are grown.

Landry also revealed that she finds it "empowering" to communicate with her husband during date night about the kids and their schedules. While it may sound "unromantic," she assured her followers that it's all part of learning how "to support each other" in their careers while they "mother, father [and] parent."

One of the biggest pieces of wisdom Landry imparted on her followers is understanding the difference between being "there" physically for her children compared to being "present" for them.

"Motherhood in its end goal, [is] allowing them to know what it is like to be connected to you physically through almost every moment, to learning how to connect apart, too," she continued. "To prepare them for a world where you aren't always holding hands. To teach them that being there doesn't always mean being....there."

Fans praised the powerful post, celebrating Landry's transparency about the realities of being a mother.

"I appreciate this so much. Motherhood is a delicate dance in balance that must be handled with generous grace — for ourselves and others," a fan wrote.

"Could not relate more! Thanks for explaining the truth about being a mother so eloquently," said another. "Sometimes motherhood is exhausting and all-encompassing, so thank you for expressing that."

"Love this Sarah. Thanks for keeping it real! As mothers we are always juggling," another follower commented. "Every single part of us is juggling one thing and another and another."

"Motherhood in all forms is an identity. It is the most important responsibility and most delicious gift. Thank you for sharing," another fan wrote.

In a follow-up post, Landry posted an intimate photo of her postpartum curves and stretch marks to remind followers and fellow mothers that their bodies are beautiful and worthy. The text "their first home, my forever home," accompanied the photo.

Landry received an influx of positive responses from fellow moms and fans who praised her authenticity and postpartum body.

"Thank you for always reminding us of just how beautiful motherhood is - especially the parts we’ve been trained to resent like our tummies," commented a fan.

"This brought me to tears and reminded me to thank my body as it’s holding and feeding my almost one year old," wrote another. "Mamma bodies are beautiful bodies."

"You're right — the most important thing is that our body is a home for our children. It's powerful and incredible," said another. "You've helped me not hate my stretch marks and see them as a way to remember all the light and love in my life."

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