I virtually customized a lipstick at BITE Beauty's Lip Lab —here's my experience

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BITE Beauty Lip Lab. Image courtesy of BITE Beauty.
BITE Beauty Lip Lab. Image courtesy of BITE Beauty.

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If there's one thing I had yet been able to find, it had to be the perfect lipstick shade for daily wear. The struggle to find the perfect shade always resulted in me mixing lipstick colours — which definitely isn't ideal for me on an everyday basis.

That was until I got the chance to customize my own lipstick at BITE Beauty's Lip Lab—and the best part about the experience was I did it virtually from the comfort of my own home.

All you need is internet connection and a camera to video call the Colour Expert on Zoom. So, no need to worry if you aren't in Toronto.

I've been a fan of Bite Beauty's lipsticks since I tried their mini lipstick in Sephora's 2018 birthday gift so I had to give their virtual Lip Lab a try. Read on to learn more about my experience and find out if it's right for you.

What is the Lip Lab?

The Lip Lab allows you to create your own lipstick shades in person or virtually.

It has seven colour services on their menu, including the newest colour service, My Natural Best, which just launched on Sept. 7.

Oh, and did I mention you can add scents and name your lip shade too? Talk about one-of-a-kind.

The four main steps are: creating your shade, choosing your finish, adding a flavouring and naming and engraving it.

BITE Beauty Lip Lab. Image courtesy of BITE Beauty.
BITE Beauty Lip Lab. Image courtesy of BITE Beauty.

How my virtual experience went

Once I entered the Zoom call, the virtual lipstick making experience began with Brook, the Colour Expert from Toronto's Lip Lab, doing a run down of the process then jumping right into step one—determining the type of colour I'm looking for.

I was tempted to go for a brown-ish shade at first because it's fall, but I wanted a shade for daily wear. So I went with my initial plan to go for a shade on the pink-orange side that was darker than my natural lips, but not too bold.

Based on her colour theory expertise, Brook showed me the pigments she was going to use then mixed the pigments on the scale sheet and swatched the colours on her arm so I could see how the shades look.

It was a little difficult to tell the difference on the sheet however seeing the colour swatches on her arm was much more helpful.

Once I decided on the shade, step two was choosing the finish, which I decided on matte. Third, I chose citrus mango—sounds delicious, I know— as the scent which Brook also said was really popular, and lastly, I named it "FARA".

The call lasted about 30 minutes then Brook went off to mold and package the lipstick which would then be shipped out to me in a couple of days.

Lip Lab by BITE
Lip Lab by BITE

Pricing in store or at-home

The cost of creating one custom lipstick is $70 CAD, and $50 CAD for each additional lipstick.

The Lip Lab also hosts private parties that costs $15 per person with complimentary goodie bags, plus the cost of the custom lipsticks.

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The verdict

The drawback to trying the Lip Lab virtually is not getting to test the colours on your lips or seeing the molding and packing in person —but you do get a great one-on-one experience with a Colour Expert.

Although the cost may turn people off and you might think to yourself, I can just go in person to Sephora instead, the experience of creating your own shade that you won't find literally anywhere else is totally worth it, and the personalized aspect is definitely a huge advantage.

For days when you don't want to go overboard or simply need a touch up to feel your best, creating your own natural shade is an excellent option.

At the end of the day, it's not just about getting a lipstick, in these tough times it is a nice experience to lift yourself up that I would highly recommend to anyone especially those working from home and haven't been able to engage in many social activities due to the pandemic.

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