Blake Lively looks like an old Hollywood star in new photos

Feeling parched?
Feeling parched?

For those who missed seeing the stunning fashion we've come to expect from Blake Lively at the Met Gala this year, fear not! New photos of the superstar actress have just dropped, and the vibe is very much old Hollywood glamour.

Keeping it simple with a black-and-white look, Blake wears her hair down in 'kitchen-casual'. Her outfit references both chefs and waiters as it resembles a chef jacket and she wears white gloves. Not to mention that dapper bow tie!

A dish best served chilled
A dish best served chilled (Blake Lively)

Once again going for an understated look, Blake wears a black strapless outfit with her hair pulled back and a pink lip. She is simply glowing.

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Feeling parched?
Feeling parched? (Blake Lively)

Her outfits might look familiar...

Keen-eyed fans will notice that the photos are reminiscent of Blake's character from her popular 2018 movie with Anna Kendrick, A Simple Favour, where she plays the elegant and stylish Emily Nelson, who mysteriously goes missing. The film received praise for both actresses' on-set style.

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Blake is set to reprise her role as Emily in A Simple Favour 2 which may come out next year. The star was spotted filming in Capri, Italy with 365 Days star Michael Morrone.

Cheers to that!

Coincidentally, Blake's character Emily enjoys a cocktail, and so does Blake. The photos mark the release of three new sparkling cocktails in the UK, inspired by recipes Blake makes at home.

The quirky promotional video is in partnership with renowned chef Daniel Boulud and references Ratatouille. In the caption, the actress thanked the chef "for making all my tiny chef dreams come true".

The film star and mum of four started her drinks brand Betty Buzz in 2018, sweetly named after her grandmother and aunt. She also shares her daughter Betty, four, with husband and actor Ryan Reynolds. How many four-year-olds can say they have a Taylor Swift song named after them?

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