Blake Lively's new manicure is inspired by your Gran's wallpaper

There is a lot to be said about how our Grandparents looked after their belongings. Now, I'm not doing a Piers Morgan and calling you all a bunch of snowflakes, but back then without Ikea or Pinterest or the dreaded Instagram home accounts, your decor in your home remained the same from the time you moved in, until the time your children shipped you off to a McCarthy & Stone apartment.

While there is a lot to admire about this kind of economical (and sustainable) life, the problem is that it meant living with some interior designs that might be considered questionable at best. Like the brown, orange splattered carpet I've never been able to forget because it evoked an aura of vomit.

However, different strokes for different folks and all because turns out, Blake Lively is a huge fan of elderly interiors, so much so that her most recent manicure was inspired by your Nanny Shiela's wallpaper.

Blake shared a picture of her fresh nail art to Instagram with the caption, "@enamelle thank you for giving me the 'antique grandma wallpaper' nails I've been begging for. @houseofhackney I hope this is a first."

blake lively grandma nails
Blake Lively

Created by nail artist Elle Gerstein aka @enamelle the floral design has enough yellow and brown tones to almost take me back to that unforgettable carpet, but thankfully the hints of green and glitter stop it going into vomit territory.

Move over Hailey Bieber, it looks like we have a new nail icon in town.

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