Blogger claims social media helped her go from famished to fit


Silvia Fascians hasn’t always looked like the fit and healthy 22-year-old you see on her Instagram account. Days spent lifting weights at the gym and preparing healthy snacks in her kitchen used to be filled with obsessing over what she ate and the brutal examination of any tiny bit of fat on her body.

“I wanted to disappear from this world and my body portrayed those feelings – my body was empty, I lost any shape or form, and I was reduced to skin and bones,” Fascians tells the Daily Mail.

Between 2010 and 2013, Fascians body went through a dramatic change as she admits to binging and purging around five times a day. Up until age 18, she had been playing on a professional basketball team in her hometown of Padua, Italy, but with her departure from the team and the subsequent deaths of her grandparents, she became increasingly lonely, using food as a way to take control over her life. She was both anorexic and bulimic.

But then something changed.

Scrolling through Instagram one day she came across a picture of a really fit girl and realized what her own body had become.

“Something clicked and I began to think that I could be that girl too,” she says.

With the help and encouragement of her brother, she began working out and lifting weights hoping to gain muscle mass.

“Instagram saved my life by making me see a real life story of what doctors or people were just telling me, I needed proof and Instagram gave it to me.”

She now has her own Instagram account called building_muscles where she keeps track of her journey and hope to inspire others.

“Anorexia completely changed my life for the worst,” she says. “I took it as a means to change my life for the best.”

Fascians is planning to start her MSc in Food Marketing and Business Strategy this fall.

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