7 DIY Planters for Small-space Gardening

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7 easy to make planters for tiny spaces

With the weather warming up and spring finally here, lately I've had gardening and pretty plants on my mind. Living in a rental there's not really space for a garden so I find myself gravitating toward adorable little planters for herbs and touches of green to bring a little life inside. Right now I'm loving all of these crafty ideas, most of which are easy DIY projects perfect for bringing nature indoors. Ready to wield your green thumb? Here are 7 of the pretty planters that are perfect for small spaces:

1. Neon Stripe Planters

These neutral planters were jazzed up with a bit of neon spray paint. Bright colors are super popular this season, whether you're dealing with fashion, make-up or decor, so we love the fun, trendy color-blocking of this design.
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2. Egg Carton Planter

This is the perfect tiny, windowsill garden for a small home or apartment and is a great way to make use of your old egg cartons. We love that it gives you the chance to grow a variety of useful herbs and pretty flowers!
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3. Paint Can Planters

We love these hanging paint can planters with a touch of color and chalkboard paint, which you can use to keep track of what plants are growing where.
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4. Clothespin Herb Planters

These distressed clothespins are a great way to give a rustic, outdoorsy feel to your indoor garden.
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5. Concrete Planters
These customizable concrete planters are sturdy, durable and weather-resistant. Plus you can create whatever size and shape you like!
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6. Toy Dinosaur Planters

I adore these brightly colored and whimsical dinosaur planters. Plus (yes, I'm nerding out here), it's not lost on me that this was a plant-eating dinosaur... and I love it.
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7. Handmade Clay Pots
I love these pretty little house-shaped clay pots and their beautiful off-white color is sure to complement any space, indoor or out.
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- By Cyd Converse
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