Live in Madonna’s material world for $23.5 million

Jennifer Karmon

Superstar Madonna may be on a world tour, but that doesn't mean she can't conduct a little business on the side.

She's just listed her Central Park West duplex for $23.5 million, our friends at Curbed report. Maybe the paperwork delayed her concert Monday night in Miami? Fans certainly weren't happy that Madonna was hours late, but your faithful Yahoo! Homes correspondent can attest to how long it can take to sign aaaaaaall. Of. Those. Papersssszzzzz. Uh? Oh, sorry, fell into a bored snooze for a second. Anyway, we're inclined to cut her some slack (even if superstars don't really sign their own papers).

Madonna reportedly moved out of the property months ago, but she's had quite a history with it. She and Sean Penn bought a unit in the building in the mid-1980s, and then she combined it with two more units, her brother Christopher Ciccone told Architectural Digest in 1991. It's now a six-bedroom, eight-bath property of more than 6,000 square feet. (Click the photo above to go to a slideshow of Madonna's home for sale.)

Since then, the property -- decorated by Ciccone for his sister -- seems to have changed surprisingly little. The 1991 Architectural Digest photos show a living area with the same Ciccone-designed, Mondrian-inspired bookcases depicted in the presumably more-recent listing photos; the artwork over the fireplace is different, though. Your Yahoo! correspondent also notes with a sly nod of approval to her corporate overlords that the walls have apparently remained light purple all this time. (Warning to readers who are inclined to click through to the AD story but who have delicate sensibilities: The apartment is liberally decorated with artwork of nudes.)

Other Ciccone originals also seem to show up in the listing photos, judging from the AD story's descriptions: "Taking center stage in Madonna's bedroom is a king-size bed, with Ciccone's version of [Art Deco designer Eugene] Printz's accordion-folded head- and footboards," as well as "an oval ceiling light fixture, also inspired by a Printz design, which lights indirectly, softening the room's edges."

Interestingly, the last quote from Ciccone in the 1991 AD story is: "I don't think you ever truly finish a job like this. People's tastes continue to evolve and change. I would be surprised if Madonna was content with this for the next 10 years."

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