Jennifer Lawrence's Dress Did Not Rip, People. It was Just Weird

Piper Weiss, Shine Staff

You know when you find that dress that's just perfect and you're standing in front of a dressing room mirror and everyone is like "you have to get it!" and you're like "does it matter that I have to hold it together when I move?" and everyone is like "No! It'll be fine. No one will notice!"
I imagine that's what happened with Jennifer Lawrence when she selected that navy Dior satin floor-length gown for the SAG Awards. It was billowing and classic at the bottom, sleek and strapless at the top and really weird in the middle, especially when she moved.
When the actress stepped to the podium to receive her SAG Award for Outstanding Female Actress, the gown appeared to split in half just above her thighs. The moment "drew gasps" from the audience--according to one newspaper's possibly melodramatic account--and was quickly turned into a viral blooper for all the world to see first thing Monday morning. Did Jennifer Lawrence really just live the teenage nightmare of being semi-naked on stage in front of the coolest people in the world?
Not a chance. Shine got word from a Dior's rep that the dress drama was over nothing. "It was not ripped and there was no was the design of the gown," a Dior spokesperson told Yahoo! Shine. "When is made with different levels of Tulle and satin and that is what the viewers saw when Jennifer lifted her dress slightly."
The trail of the layered gown, which debuted as part of Christian Dior's Spring/Summer 2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week last Monday, may have just gotten snagged slightly on her heel as she approached the podium revealing the tulle layer beneath the satin. That was just part of the design, it seems.
A little more sleuthing by Shine's detective (we keep a bloodhound with a magnifying glass on staff for this stuff) uncovered a post-awards photograph that further proved the rip was just a myth. Lawrence is hanging out with Robert "couch hog" DeNiro, seemingly comfortable with the tulle poking out from her thigh. If that was really a rip, someone would have jerry-rigged the dress together before the after-party. This is Hollywood, people.
Lawrence may not be as thrilled about her gown choice today as she was before the awards show, but at least the darn thing didn't crack under pressure. That whole ripped look? Her gown totally meant to do that.

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